An LBD, LB Style


Everyone knows that an essential piece in every chick’s closet in an LBD, a Little Black Dress. It always looks good, sexy, and can be dressed up or down. It’s a versatile item that you can have for decades, if it’s a fairly classic style and your body doesn’t radically change. I generally like to dress more interestingly than a little black one piece wonder, but sometimes there is no denying the ease and power of the black cocktail dress. This Roland Mouret number has been my friend for maybe 9 years now. It still looks great on its own or jazzed up, like it is here. Just because a black dress can carry itself, doesn’t mean it has to all the time (hence, the versatility). I always feel that outerwear is just as important as the main outfit component, even if it’s going straight to be hung up in the coat closet. Btw, I hate checking my coats; I’m always worried they won’t be there when I go to retrieve them (yeah yeah, non attachment, I know. I try.).

This was the first time I busted out this new purple iridescent blazer. I’m kind of obsessed with it. The color, sheen, and the ringmaster cut make it so fresh and fabulous. I love shimmer and it felt very festive yet chic to head out for the night in this jacket. The purple feathered collar is one of my fave accessories. I can only use it sparingly, and it’s been awhile since I wore it last. I love a funky collared piece. What drove home this look to make it black tie, despite the dress being shorter, were the magnificent pieces of jewelry from the new Rami Gem collection. Rami happens to be a close friend of mine, and has exquisite taste in the finest gemstones. He is my go to jewelry designer whenever I need major bling. His work is always show stopping yet classy. Anything ostentatious or too in your face isn’t for me. I trust his taste completely, and he has a huge selection to perfect any look. The cool thing about accessorizing a little black dress is that you can remove the added pieces when you want to get down and dance and still look amazing. I love when an outfit is flexible and modular like that. Rigidity sucks, right? Clothing works for you, not the other way around. A little black dress, a fabulous statement blazer, funky neckwear, and fantastic jewelry. Just make sure the accessories work together and not compete with one another. You’ll know. If not, less is more and stick to one statement element. Bye🕺🏽


Orange Jam🍊


 I love orange! Bold and bright, it knows how to confidently make a statement. This  skirt, while not in your face, stands out for its particular shade of orange as well as it’s midi length and soft pleating. It’s gratifying when a piece you never thought you’d get so much use out of proves you wrong. This skirt is fairly new and I paired it with this top I’ve had for about 17 years. Of course, you’ve all seen this belt a million times. That’s simply because it works with almost everything, despite its large scale. It’s also the only good black belt I have. I’ve always loved this top. It was my first silk blouse ever I think. The collar is so ladylike and delicate, which is why I like to rough up the sleeves by keeping them unbuttoned. The gray, black, yellow and orange color palette printed on silk is also a nice contrast of strong and soft. This shirt is deceptive in that it’s very modest but not really conservative (which to me is a synonym for boring). Belting the top over the orange pleated skirt sticks with the modest yet interesting theme. It’s perfect for Shabbat or holidays. Major bonus points for being flowy and comfortable. This is true effortless chic, which is why I went with this hairstyle. A black boyfriend blazer would top this off to add another layer. Contrast the feminine silhouette of the outfit with the relaxed boyfriend fit of the jacket, and keep the blazer on the longer side to stay close to the longer length of the shirt. You want some of the shirt peeking out but not too much or it will look disproportionate. This look is a great template for experimenting with bolder colors while not feeling like a clown🤡. Choose one bright piece and mix it with neutrals in your comfort zone. It can be an accessory too. One of my favorite looks is to pair a navy dress with neon orange shoes. Color is fun. It makes people happy. Enough with the all black already!

The 🦋Effect, Part 2


 So this second look was an impromptu addition to this last shoot. I love to maximize my time as much as I can when photographing, and before I changed out of this top and jeans, I quickly changed the look. It was an easy transformation since the main pieces stayed on. I undid my hair and swapped the  palm tree cardigan for a vintage Marc Jacobs corduroy jacket. That was all it took to give this butterfly blouse and bellbottoms a whole new feel. I love this jacket. I forget about it a lot so it doesn’t get as much airtime as it should. My louder, larger coats overpower it so I don’t even see it in the coat closet. But when I do spot it, it’s like, ah...there you are! The neutral color, cropped length, and feminine sleeve shape add instant effortless chic. This jacket requires zero thought. It’s a terrific lightweight yet substantial essential piece, due to the soft corduroy material. Who doesn’t love corduroy? It’s so yummy in its sensibility. It is the embodiment of Autumn, but will help me stylishly transition into Spring as the cold temps lighten up. That’s a theme here with these two looks; chic, practical, whimsical looks that are grounded and can go from season to season. We have so much to learn from butterflies. The symbolism is endless. That must be why I love them so much, for what they represent. Mother Nature does it again; teaching us about style and evolution. Homegirl sure knows her stuff.

The 🦋 Effect


Who knew that a butterfly print would get me so much use?? This ancient J Crew silk button down seems to go with everything, including this Hawaiian print cardigan. I am a huge fan of a kitschy Hawaiian shirt, so I had to have this palm tree printed sweater from Scotch and Soda. I know of this company for its fabulous kids’ clothes, and I was psyched to come across their adult line. There are retro undertones in this ensemble; the bellbottom jeans that are ubiquitous in my wardrobe, the printed silk shirt, and the 70’s feel of the cardigan in both print and length.  Even the way my hair is styled hints at a throwback. I’m digging the chic mom on the go look. I definitely don’t look this put together when I’m shopping for snacks and soap at Target, but it’s my shoot and I’ll pretend if I want to. I love how this outfit is the perfect layered, transitional look going from Winter to Spring, which thankfully is around the corner. Ladies, try for a longer cardigan instead of a jacket as the weather gets warmer. Short cardigans look ridiculous on me, but this longer version felt more my speed. Stay tuned for Look 2 based on the 🦋 blouse. Repurposing is always the jam. 


Silver Fox

I love this coat. A metallic puffer is nothing new at the moment but whatever. It’s very warm, well structured, has a hood, and is super cute. We can’t always reinvent the wheel. My friend told me his ten year old daughter has the same coat. Again, whatever. Any whimsical black hat looks so cute with this jacket, as well as any black snow boot. My vintage moon boots are the best. I had the helium balloons leftover from my son’s birthday. An easy cute photo. Letting go of balloons is an uncomfortable sensation. One minute you’re holding on to something so joyful and pretty, the next minute they’re floating away from you destination unknown. It’s never easy to let go of something we love, even if it’s an inanimate object. Even balloons are a lesson in non attachment. Watching anyone or anything leave us is hard. Which is why warmth is important, namely inner warmth. The seasons will always change. Cold will always come. Staying insulated is a perspective as well as an outer necessity.


Crouching🐯, Hidden 🐉


 Easily one of my favorite movies of all time. I highly recommend it if you’ve never seen it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, in that it had such magnificent expressions of fierce love, shown in different stages of life. A teenage couple were consumed with fiery love, and an older, more mature couple had this unbelievably deep, restrained connection that showed through their skin. I was 22 and had never see anything like it. Still haven’t. I also have never seen anything like this sweater, which got me hella attention the first day of NYFW. I mean, I knew it would get noticed so I deliberately wore it that day.

This is one of my favorite looks EVER. The chic black pleated skirt, black turtleneck, and pulled back bun contrasted with the over the top sweater was such a statement. It really was an effortless pairing, and no matter what I wear I always say I need it to be fast and right. Fussy thinking results in a fussy outfit. I do love my kimonos, and this wild sweater felt like a large scale knit kimono. The on the back added even more personality. My makeup artist, Nancy, was so excited to finally get more dramatic on my eyes. I gave her free reign to do whatever she wanted, whereas usually my instructions are to keep things as naturally as possible. But, alas my darlings, Fashion Week has no interest in “natural” anything, and so it was time to play. That’s my favorite element of NYFW; the wild creativity being worn on the streets. Colors, patterns, headpieces, it all comes out at this time. That’s what amazes me about New York in general though; on any given Tuesday at 3 PM you can spot someone dressed like this (downtown). This sweater is one of those pieces that becomes such a prized standout in a wardrobe, and hopefully an heirloom. Something as special as this should never be given away. It must be appreciated, honored, seen, and enjoyed. Exactly like love️🖤


French Dressing


Felt a lil Parisian in this ensemble. The boucle’ coat, vintage leather gloves, and the fitted beret took me back a few decades to a quaint European cafe, croissant in hand.  Carbs were not yet verboten, and it was considered in extremely poor taste to even think about leaving your house sans a chapeau or gloves. There was certainly something so lovely about all these glamorously dolled up ladies strolling the streets. But, Man, what a pain in the ass to have to get so decked out all the time! Today, in a time where folks where sweatpants to the theater and jeans to a fancy restaurant, it is indeed nice to find a balance between the extremes of being a total shlump or a pageant contestant. In 2019 where the chief rule of fashion is that “there are no rules”, I do believe that there should be decorum applied to how we show up to certain events. It’s just about showing respect to that particular environment, as well as just having some good old fashionable fun. We’ve got the clothes, we might as well use them, right?

In this case, I wanted to be super efficient at my photo shoot by using this black turtleneck dress in a couple different ways. It’s just easier to not always be changing; feel me? I photographed the dress with no accouterments, then grabbed some select pieces to give it a completely different look. I’m a glove fiend, and loved how the pop of white lightens up the look. I love any type of headwear “cocked jauntily to the side” (ok, looks like we’re in London now), and my belt gave an instant waistline. The coat, another gem found at Century, lent the perfect light yet substantial coverage. I’d also love throwing this coat over jeans, a t shirt, and crisp white sneakers during a transitional season. True, the era of super fancy dressing is mostly over. Anything goes nowadays. Which only means we get to pull inspiration from wherever feels right at the moment.


Peeps, if this coat could talk... it’s been in my family for many decades, and I’ve been lucky enough to own it for the past 18 years. My grandfather made two for each of his daughters. My great grandfather was a furrier in Poland, which was akin to driving the ice cream truck on a blazing hot day. It’s a smart business to enter in a freezing climate. I wouldn’t buy fur today, but I do enjoy wearing the heirloom coats. They hold such sentiment. This coat always gets a ton of attention. It’s just a super cool piece that elevates every single look. I loved how it went so beautifully over this darling storybook sweater. I bought this sweater off of Instagram. I don’t recommend that; most stuff I’ve ordered sight unseen was very poorly made and of really cheap quality, despite the pictures looking good. I wound up giving most of it away immediately and chalked it up to a lesson learned. This sweater though was fortunately as advertised. I love that whole classic Beatrix Potter feel. The sweet, Rockwellian bunnies sledding in the snow. When my first son was bored, I had his nursery painted floor to ceiling in the most beautiful collection of Peter Rabbit scenes. We no longer live in that house, and I miss that room. It brought me tremendous joy, rocking my own little bunny while staring at the characters nestled amongst the leaves. The warm, varied camel and brown coloring of the sweater and jacket made for a lovely pairing, while remaining a not obvious choice for each other. Hmmmm... perhaps I should apply that line of thinking to dating too.


Army of One


I swear I manifested this coat into existence. It sounds weird but it’s the truth. It all began one day in the summer, when I was thinking about how I could enhance my winter wardrobe with just a few carefully selected, useful items. Most of my coats are very old. I have some that are vintage from 50 years ago and some from 15 years ago. I have trenches in various fabrics, puffers in different colors and styles, vests, motorcycle jackets, pea coats in a range of lengths, you name it. I’ve always loved outerwear, and the one thing I felt I “needed” was a long, nautical style military coat. I figured I could make a chic and impactful statement with this coat of my dreams. Buttons, patches, wide color, a sweeping length with a tailored fit. The idea of it instantly took shape in my head. I just knew I’d find it (or that it would find me).


Months later, as fashion fate would have it, I met this coat at Century 21 while shopping with my daughter. There it was, only one and in my size exactly. It was love at first sight. I seriously could not believe that there was just one that fit so perfectly, waiting for me amongst the chaos of a huge discount store. It was as if there was a spotlight on the coat and the rest of the store faded to black. Yeah, I know I’m being dramatic, but a good coat will serve you well for decades. It’s indeed exciting to find a piece you know you’ll love for many years to come. It’s so warm because of the length, and the tailoring is instantly chic, thereby really enhancing whatever look I’m wearing underneath. I never want to take it off since I usually like it better then my outfit anyway. A statement coat required a statement hat, and this wide brimmed beauty from Urban Outfitters definitely did the trick. I love this hat. It’s so Carly Simon/Stevie Nicks from back in the day. I wore the hat to the last night of Fashion Week, atop a black turtleneck and a wine colored leather trench coat. It’s remarkable how just two impactful pieces can create such a mood. Manifestation is a real thing, Peeps. Out of all the nonsense I could have been cooking up in my mental kitchen, envisioning this boss ass coat wasn’t as nuts as it sounds. I willed it into my wardrobe. Now if I could just will these five pounds off...

Commes On!


 If ever there was a statement skirt, this is it. Purchased 15 years ago at this incredible store in Englewood (Galleria Neoponti of blessed memory), this was a very daring move for me at that stage. My style had not even begun to shape itself, and most of what I wore then I’d never wear now. First of all, I was 25 with two kids. I was in full on mom mode, which didn’t look like the mom mode of today. The 25 year olds I see in these here parts are generally way cooler than my friends and I were. I’m not going to say we didn’t care; we did, we just didn’t know. We looked cute and fine but not particularly fashion savvy. There was no internet onslaught that exposed us to what was out there, so we bought what we saw. If it was cute and comfortable that was enough. But alas, one day I ventured into this avant- guard, way too cool for me at the time boutique, and connected with this incredible skirt. It remains one of my most prized purchases. It’s Commes Des Garçon, a designer I have always loved for its daring, cutting edge style. I love their deconstruction and distressing of fabrics and patterns. This piece is made of overlapping fabrics, frayed edges, and non obvious layering. It’s heavy and often falls off hangers, so it’s definitely a cold weather item. I have worn it with bodysuits, button downs, t shirts, and turtlenecks. I always wear a black top to keep the statement super strong. This cutout shoulder top is perfect, in that the little flashes of flesh give it some air. This is a heavy piece in both weight and affect. You need no accessories here; the skirt and the head to toe black are enough. Anything additional would clog the look. It’s so gratifying when an investment pays off, in any area. I’m glad I had the foresight to boldly go where I’d never gone before, and bought this skirt which was out of my then comfort zone. Even if you think something is “so not you” but you really love it, follow that. We get so annoyed with ourselves when we leave opportunities behind. It’s a frustrating feeling. Trusting our instincts won’t always be right, but the more we practice doing it, the more right decisions we are likely to make in the long run.




Bond Girl reference noted. Ok, so this outfit is my Rio Carnivale look. Why I feel I need such a look, being a sabbath observer from Bergen County, is another story entirely. But it definitely conjures up Charro shaking her maracas, shimmying around.  I bought this liquid gold ensemble when I was waist deep in my Norma Kamali phase. I happen to love the lame’ metallic look, and the stretch in the pants are flattering and forgiving. This teeny off the shoulder crop top felt like a risk, but if there’s anything that justifiably holds us back in life, it should not be clothing. People put waaaaayyyy too much thought into what they can’t/shouldn’t wear. “What will people think?”, “I cant pull that off”. Ya know, insecure thoughts like that. True, clothing reflects personality, and thank God we aren’t all the same. But there was something liberating about graduating from the “that’s not age/socially/religiously appropriate” mentality that I too used to have, to the F It attitude that serves us all better.


I’ve gotten a lot of use out of these pants as a separate. There are matching long gloves that I adore too. Gold is so flattering. It has a goddess like quality to it that’s bold but so feminine. It feels and looks regal. It definitely celebrates being a strong, shimmering woman. This striped blazer was a great purchase from Century 21 last year before Fall Fashion Week. It’s Sonia Rykiel, one of my favorite designers. Finding a gem at Century is so gratifying. That place doesn’t overwhelm me; rather I like the challenge of emerging victorious when I find the golden ticket. You’ve gotta focus at stores like that, and focus is good. It temporarily eliminates excess crap floating around in our minds. If shopping can do that for you, great. Even if you’re a conservative dresser, I really recommend including some well placed shine in your wardrobe. It adds so much. A purse, a shoe, a statement cuff, even a pocket square tucked into a tailored, navy blazer would look killer. Do something today, anything, that makes you want to give yourself a gold star ⭐️. There is no one who didn’t feel like a lottery winner when our teachers used to reward and acknowledge our achievements. Most of us are no longer in school, so it’s up to us to reward and acknowledge ourselves. Shine on, Peeps

Oscar the Grouch


Me, not Him. Why? Because the last time I put on this gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown it was way looser. I haven’t worn it since my daughter’s bat mitzvah three years ago. I felt like a queen that night, and this dress was sheer perfection. I bought it at first sight. I’m not a clothes researcher. If I love something I’m done. I don’t need to know what else is out there. This gown reminded me of something Gwen Stefani would wear to the Grammy’s. It was rock and roll glamour to me. This was the first thing I tried on and the last. While my body is currently stronger and more toned, I’m not as skinny. I feel differently about this depending on the day. I’m not sure if I’m justifying things when I tell myself I prefer the “not as thin yet more fit” version. But I was not happy when I could barely zip this up on my recent shoot. My boobs were spilling out (a good thing) but the zipper was not exactly cooperative. This dress was very expensive and I’d like to wear it. It’s an Oscar for chrissakes!!!! The incredible thing about Oscar de la Renta’s designs is how incredibly wearable they are. He designed for actual women to wear in actual real life scenarios. None of that whacko runway nonsense that no one in their right mind would wear. Truthfully, I do think I put on a couple pounds lately and I’d like to be a drop leaner. It’s been great not weighing myself on a scale the past few years. It can really mess with you. But I don’t like my clothing to be tight. It’s like a constant reminder to put down the quinoa. I was annoyed I let that happen, but what was done can be undone. This Moto jacket wasn’t intended to camouflage anything though. I do love the tough biker chick touch over this ballgown. It’s beautiful edge, both strong and soft. I loved this low, soft ponytail look too. I bought this dress from what was one of Mr de la Renta’s final collections before his death. I’m grateful to own this stunning piece, and I want to enjoy how I feel in it. It’s not the owning of the clothing, it’s the wearing and feeling beautiful in it, as the designer intended.


Short Circuit


I truly love shorts. I remember wearing denim ones over black tights in middle school. While I can’t say I miss that look specifically, I do love the concept of an unexpected pair of shorts filling in for a more obvious choice of bottoms. It took me a long time to embrace my legs enough to think I could pull them off. While I’m definitely more toned now, I realize that I put myself through so much unnecessary self scrutiny and doubt. There was never a time I couldn’t have successfully worn shorts. I made myself small for no reason. Having kids so early, a fact I wouldn’t change for anything, catapulted me into this bizarre illusionary sense of being this old, unsexy, washed out mom type. It’s very easy to go down that rabbit hole in an orthodox community, where women are taught to hide their bodies from a very young age. Throw in the idea that we are “impure” when we menstruate as well as during the week after, and you quickly yield results that can best be described as “not hot”. Shorts=hot. Former Me=not hot. You dig?

Now my closet is full of ‘em; yeah Gurl! Some of my favorites are the winter pairs, because I love anything not obvious. These Sass and Bide glittery pair are perfect around holiday time. A little sparkle on the tush goes a long way! Balanced with the relaxed ease of a loose, comfy sweater with just the right amount of detail to be sexy in its own right. These Giuseppe Zanotti boots are a splurge and a standout. I’d never ever spend that much on shoes today, but I’m happy I have them. So killer. I wore my large scale fishnets because I couldn’t find black tights that didn’t have control top. Any suggestions?? Fishnets are my go to with shorts but I think this look would have been a bit better with plain black since the shorts are patterned. Still cute though. Mixing patterns is cool too, especially when winter in New York looks like a giant four month funeral. To any of you who want to experiment with shorts but have been intimidated; just go for it. Lengthen your possibilities wherever you can. Expand in every direction. Shorten the limitations you place on yourself.           

Shortening the distance from my soul to yours today,



Tell Me About It, Stud


This look is needless to say, not understated. Grommets everywhere. This happens to be my favorite traveling outfit. It’s kind of a sweatsuit but it’s so cool and edgy. It’s comfy and looks put together but so easy. It’s one of my favorites from Norma Kamali. The gold high tops are Michael Kors. The jacket was this beyond random number from a beyond random leather shop in bumblesville New Jersey. I went in there to have something repaired, and spotted this insane jacket. If I see something so over the top it’s hard for me to pass it up. I knew I’d eventually use it. I really wouldn’t wear the jacket with this outfit in real life; it’s way too matchy matchy and too much loud gold detailing. It’s def a fashion victim look in actuality, but I knew it would photograph well. I felt like a cast member from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I kinda liked it. Hey, when in Rome...

The grommets on the sweatsuit elevate the everyday feel and turn an old Mall standby into casual chic. F all that athleisure nonsense! Enough already with the leggings. Ladies, expand your horizons. A great pair of sweats that hug the tush and are tapered at the ankle are cooler and sexier, in my humble opinion. As always, comfort is key, especially when traveling. But it’s nice when amidst all the chaos of the airport we can keep it tight. It makes looking into those merciless airport/rest stop bathrooms slightly more tolerable. Should I change my name to Theresa...?




Sometimes for a shoot I’ll put on something that I may not reach for in actuality, but that I know will resonate and photograph well. Other times, the times I prefer, are when I choose a killer look I can’t wait to really wear. This landed in the latter category. This look was the perfect mix of relaxed menswear and sexy chick.

These DKNY suspender pants are a major statement piece. Wide legs, swinging suspenders held together with seat buckle clips, navy with exposed white stitching. Sooooo edgy and chic. Since the pants are big, I balanced that with a fitted tank. I put on this vintage tulle and pearl collar that I was lucky enough to spot at a consignment shop several years ago. A very unique embellishment that lends more feminine detail in an unconventional way. I wore navy heels to lengthen my legs a bit, since they were swallowed up by all that fabric. This isn’t your typical beachy waves hair look, so the side parted bun was easy and chic. I love this different take on a holiday cocktail look. This is definitely jazzed up party attire. Amongst all the glittery and sparkly holiday wear, a sharp navy pants statement is a refreshing change. The holidays may be time for gathering together, but never blend in with the crowd. Be the star at the top of the tree⭐️




Love love love IRO‼️. And dig this dress especially. It makes me feel very 70’s disco glam. Give me slinky metallics anytime! I love the long sleeves and super short cut. So often I see women in the opposite; emphasizing the top with sleeveless or cleavage but with less leg. This dress feels sexy to me in that it goes a different route.

I bought it in Los Angeles on a family trip. It’s such a good piece. It’s nice to feel leggy sometimes. The dress just lands in all the right places. I always feel great in it, and that’s so important. These Jimmy Choo cut out heels are actually comfortable and feel feminine with the openness of the straps and toes. Every wardrobe needs a fabulous, short, shimmery, statement party dress. This is a holiday look that always works.


The British are Coming‼️


Shameless Red Coat joke❣️.
Lord, was I happy to put this on for the last look of my recent shoot. So much work goes into my photo shoots. Whether it’s food or fashion I give it my all. Every detail matters. I’m representing my brand and crafting a reputation for myself in several creative arenas. I’ve waited so many years to bust out all this stored up creativity and design; it must be let loose in the right way. The finished product you see is the result of days of meticulous prep. Which is why I feel so accomplished and euphoric at the day’s end. To be honest, when Lady Blaga began I felt a bit silly doing my photo shoots. I felt a bit frivolous and that I had to justify it. That was textbook insecurity resulting from years of cumulative beliefs I had nothing worth saying aloud. I’m over that big time. I more than earned the pride I feel at getting shit done, be it styling bomb ass outfits or creating delicious recipes to share with you. Having said all this, it’s exhausting doing it. Terrific but tiring. Which is why I’m so freaking fried at the end of the day. Which is also why this coat was a lifesaver.

It was about to turn dark, the weather was particularly raw and cold, and I couldn’t handle the thought of putting on tights and heels again. I did need one last truly boss winter look though. Enter my new Margiela coat from Century 21. This color is everything, and the utter lack of structure is terribly chic. I felt like Andre Leon Talley, NYC fashion god. I once saw him at Bendels, and he was every bit as fabulous as one would think. There was something regal about this to me because of the high collar and voluminous overcoat feel, so my knit winter crown from Nini K was the perfect accouterment. Not a hat but something to bookend the wintry mood. I seriously felt like a 2018 Winter Queen. The leaves were still beautifully hued and provided the perfect backdrop. And I was comfortable. I really suggest investing in a bright, large scale puffer. It’s worth your kids feeling embarrassed to be seen with you.


Brownie Points


Though this outfit is not something I’d buy today, it’s one of those good choices I made in yesteryear. I’m actually fairly anti label these days, but sometimes a classic iconic designer is lovely to wear. This happens to be Oscar de la Renta. It’s just a really pretty, well fitting dress. It’s way more conservative than my style, but it serves the occasional purpose when I’m required to dress more ladylike. I added some flair to it with the leopard Louboutins. Stockings can be sheer or opaque chocolate brown to go with the brown cashmere sweater. The whole cashmere sweater concept and I have never jived; it’s just way too prim and preppy for me. I can justify it here with the bolero style and little bit of skin that peeks out. Shades of brown and taupe are such terrific cold weather color palettes. It’s yummy when clothing lends warmth to an otherwise cold season. I do have several Oscar pieces that I’m so fortunate to own, especially since the designer passed away several years ago. Oscar de la Renta is inimitable in his elegance and class, and will forever be celebrated as one of the most talented and beautiful designers of all time.

Leather Face


Ok, LOVED this look. Worshipped. Not sure where the hell I’m wearing it, but not to worry, ya Gurl will figure it out. Let’s just say it most likely won’t be the annual synagogue dinner. I’ve worn this skirt a couple times in other shoots. It’s a surprisingly versatile piece. It was a totally worth it splurge in that it carries every outfit. It’s such a statement piece that’s simultaneously sharp and feminine. I love the contrast between the strong, large scale of the skirt and the slight, artfully cut out bodysuit. The windows of skin lighten up the overall effect and give off major smoke show vibes. This is definitely not your basic black look. This has a ball gown effect with the body con top and sweeping skirt. The moto jacket has the right amount of silver hardware to add an element of something that isn’t black, especially since the leather boots and gloves are as well.


I went with softer hair to calm things down since the outfit is such a strong statement. I didn’t want to come across as harsh or too serious. You have to be careful with black that way; that it doesn’t take itself too seriously or appear heavy in mood. I’d totes wear this to a black tie event, details depending. Push the envelope with your winter formal wear, especially if you have a burning need to dress like Sandy from the carnival scene in Grease. I think I’m the same age as those “high school seniors” anyway. You’re legit the One that I want.

Pom Pom Frittes


What are pomme frittes? French fries?

This coat is so cute but I don’t think I ever wore it. I bought it 12 years ago. I love how retro it looks. The fabric, buttons, and colors are all throwbacks, held together by the adorable Pom Pom detailing. I recall thinking that Carrie Bradshaw would purchase this piece and know just what to do with it. I never quite figured that out, but it had too much character to not buy. I usually don’t shop like that, especially now. My style vision is lightening speed, if I do say so myself. I see a piece I like and instantly know how I’d wear it   It’s really fun to challenge myself by incorporating the same item in totally different looks. That being said, this particular piece is meant to serve its purpose as cute, statement outerwear. The pom poms carry the mood, so there’s not much for me to do except just put it on.

As far as the fur, it’s obviously faux. I do have a bunch of fur coats I’ve had for a long time, mostly vintage pieces from my grandmother and mother. I love them for their history, sentimentality, and super vintage feel. I would not buy fur anymore. I don’t think it’s right for something to literally have to give their life so I can make a fashion statement I could easily make in a kinder way. I’m not weighing in on what anyone else does; I’m sharing my own thoughts with you about an issue that’s become very important to me. It’s why I no longer eat meat, chicken, or fish anymore either. Bottom line, faux fur all the way just to clarify. Fashion shouldn’t hurt anyone or anything. Just a thought.

Much love, LB