Peeps, if this coat could talk... it’s been in my family for many decades, and I’ve been lucky enough to own it for the past 18 years. My grandfather made two for each of his daughters. My great grandfather was a furrier in Poland, which was akin to driving the ice cream truck on a blazing hot day. It’s a smart business to enter in a freezing climate. I wouldn’t buy fur today, but I do enjoy wearing the heirloom coats. They hold such sentiment. This coat always gets a ton of attention. It’s just a super cool piece that elevates every single look. I loved how it went so beautifully over this darling storybook sweater. I bought this sweater off of Instagram. I don’t recommend that; most stuff I’ve ordered sight unseen was very poorly made and of really cheap quality, despite the pictures looking good. I wound up giving most of it away immediately and chalked it up to a lesson learned. This sweater though was fortunately as advertised. I love that whole classic Beatrix Potter feel. The sweet, Rockwellian bunnies sledding in the snow. When my first son was bored, I had his nursery painted floor to ceiling in the most beautiful collection of Peter Rabbit scenes. We no longer live in that house, and I miss that room. It brought me tremendous joy, rocking my own little bunny while staring at the characters nestled amongst the leaves. The warm, varied camel and brown coloring of the sweater and jacket made for a lovely pairing, while remaining a not obvious choice for each other. Hmmmm... perhaps I should apply that line of thinking to dating too.