The British are Coming‼️


Shameless Red Coat joke❣️.
Lord, was I happy to put this on for the last look of my recent shoot. So much work goes into my photo shoots. Whether it’s food or fashion I give it my all. Every detail matters. I’m representing my brand and crafting a reputation for myself in several creative arenas. I’ve waited so many years to bust out all this stored up creativity and design; it must be let loose in the right way. The finished product you see is the result of days of meticulous prep. Which is why I feel so accomplished and euphoric at the day’s end. To be honest, when Lady Blaga began I felt a bit silly doing my photo shoots. I felt a bit frivolous and that I had to justify it. That was textbook insecurity resulting from years of cumulative beliefs I had nothing worth saying aloud. I’m over that big time. I more than earned the pride I feel at getting shit done, be it styling bomb ass outfits or creating delicious recipes to share with you. Having said all this, it’s exhausting doing it. Terrific but tiring. Which is why I’m so freaking fried at the end of the day. Which is also why this coat was a lifesaver.

It was about to turn dark, the weather was particularly raw and cold, and I couldn’t handle the thought of putting on tights and heels again. I did need one last truly boss winter look though. Enter my new Margiela coat from Century 21. This color is everything, and the utter lack of structure is terribly chic. I felt like Andre Leon Talley, NYC fashion god. I once saw him at Bendels, and he was every bit as fabulous as one would think. There was something regal about this to me because of the high collar and voluminous overcoat feel, so my knit winter crown from Nini K was the perfect accouterment. Not a hat but something to bookend the wintry mood. I seriously felt like a 2018 Winter Queen. The leaves were still beautifully hued and provided the perfect backdrop. And I was comfortable. I really suggest investing in a bright, large scale puffer. It’s worth your kids feeling embarrassed to be seen with you.