The Effect, Part 2


 So this second look was an impromptu addition to this last shoot. I love to maximize my time as much as I can when photographing, and before I changed out of this top and jeans, I quickly changed the look. It was an easy transformation since the main pieces stayed on. I undid my hair and swapped the  palm tree cardigan for a vintage Marc Jacobs corduroy jacket. That was all it took to give this butterfly blouse and bellbottoms a whole new feel. I love this jacket. I forget about it a lot so it doesnt get as much airtime as it should. My louder, larger coats overpower it so I dont even see it in the coat closet. But when I do spot it, its like, ah...there you are! The neutral color, cropped length, and feminine sleeve shape add instant effortless chic. This jacket requires zero thought. Its a terrific lightweight yet substantial essential piece, due to the soft corduroy material. Who doesnt love corduroy? Its so yummy in its sensibility. It is the embodiment of Autumn, but will help me stylishly transition into Spring as the cold temps lighten up. Thats a theme here with these two looks; chic, practical, whimsical looks that are grounded and can go from season to season. We have so much to learn from butterflies. The symbolism is endless. That must be why I love them so much, for what they represent. Mother Nature does it again; teaching us about style and evolution. Homegirl sure knows her stuff.