Short Circuit


I truly love shorts. I remember wearing denim ones over black tights in middle school. While I can’t say I miss that look specifically, I do love the concept of an unexpected pair of shorts filling in for a more obvious choice of bottoms. It took me a long time to embrace my legs enough to think I could pull them off. While I’m definitely more toned now, I realize that I put myself through so much unnecessary self scrutiny and doubt. There was never a time I couldn’t have successfully worn shorts. I made myself small for no reason. Having kids so early, a fact I wouldn’t change for anything, catapulted me into this bizarre illusionary sense of being this old, unsexy, washed out mom type. It’s very easy to go down that rabbit hole in an orthodox community, where women are taught to hide their bodies from a very young age. Throw in the idea that we are “impure” when we menstruate as well as during the week after, and you quickly yield results that can best be described as “not hot”. Shorts=hot. Former Me=not hot. You dig?

Now my closet is full of ‘em; yeah Gurl! Some of my favorites are the winter pairs, because I love anything not obvious. These Sass and Bide glittery pair are perfect around holiday time. A little sparkle on the tush goes a long way! Balanced with the relaxed ease of a loose, comfy sweater with just the right amount of detail to be sexy in its own right. These Giuseppe Zanotti boots are a splurge and a standout. I’d never ever spend that much on shoes today, but I’m happy I have them. So killer. I wore my large scale fishnets because I couldn’t find black tights that didn’t have control top. Any suggestions?? Fishnets are my go to with shorts but I think this look would have been a bit better with plain black since the shorts are patterned. Still cute though. Mixing patterns is cool too, especially when winter in New York looks like a giant four month funeral. To any of you who want to experiment with shorts but have been intimidated; just go for it. Lengthen your possibilities wherever you can. Expand in every direction. Shorten the limitations you place on yourself.           

Shortening the distance from my soul to yours today,