Tell Me About It, Stud


This look is needless to say, not understated. Grommets everywhere. This happens to be my favorite traveling outfit. It’s kind of a sweatsuit but it’s so cool and edgy. It’s comfy and looks put together but so easy. It’s one of my favorites from Norma Kamali. The gold high tops are Michael Kors. The jacket was this beyond random number from a beyond random leather shop in bumblesville New Jersey. I went in there to have something repaired, and spotted this insane jacket. If I see something so over the top it’s hard for me to pass it up. I knew I’d eventually use it. I really wouldn’t wear the jacket with this outfit in real life; it’s way too matchy matchy and too much loud gold detailing. It’s def a fashion victim look in actuality, but I knew it would photograph well. I felt like a cast member from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I kinda liked it. Hey, when in Rome...

The grommets on the sweatsuit elevate the everyday feel and turn an old Mall standby into casual chic. F all that athleisure nonsense! Enough already with the leggings. Ladies, expand your horizons. A great pair of sweats that hug the tush and are tapered at the ankle are cooler and sexier, in my humble opinion. As always, comfort is key, especially when traveling. But it’s nice when amidst all the chaos of the airport we can keep it tight. It makes looking into those merciless airport/rest stop bathrooms slightly more tolerable. Should I change my name to Theresa...?