Skirt Stake

 Stake your claim in Fashion Land. Ooh, there should totally be a board game like that ‼️ Picture Candy Land, but instead of sweets, there can be articles of clothes on the cards. Little Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld figurines. If you get a "weight gain" card, you're ejected from the game. If Chanel begs to dress you, skip ahead ten spaces! If you do that stupid lemon juice and cayenne pepper cleanse before Fashion Week, advance one space for every day you've done it. This joke is endless 🍭🍥🍬...

Imagine giving this to your niece on Christmas or Hannukah. Child psychological nightmare 🙀. But I digress.

Week 2 of the bodysuit two ways , has us wearing still a skirt, yet a completely different style. This off white, feathered one is short and playful. I debated buying it. I wasn't sure if I looked like Bridal Party BigBird. So happy I got it! It's a fabulous party look. A two piece ensemble is such a fresh break from a classic cocktail dress. It's cooler since more thought is required. Yet, this great black Margiela bodysuit makes any outfit easy. Once it's snapped on, you can throw so much over it.

For synagogue, I just wear a black boyfriend cut blazer over it. I'll usually wear this long, silver pendant I love. I referenced that piece in one of my previous posts about handmade Yemenite jewelry from Israel. And long silver or pewter tone will work here. It's softer than gold, and there's such a softness to the skirt due to the color and feathery detail. This can be worn with heels or cool flats, just like the first skirt look. But an uncomplicated shoe; none of that gladiator nonsense here. Don't compete with the skirt. Let the outfit breathe.

Bonus bodysuit look 3: stand in front of a floor length mirror, put on black stilettos, pouf your hair up. Put on "Single Ladies". Let shit get real with that choreography. Not that I've ever actually done that before 🙈🎤👠💋💄. 

Live large, Ladies. Life is too short. We must keep finding different ways to approach and enjoy our time here.