Check Your Alignment

My all-time favorite designer for a beautiful dress is Morgan Le Fay. The pieces there are so delicate, feminine (not usually my style at all),and are breathy, ethereal works of art. I always feel like a goddess wearing something from there. The Madison Ave NYC store conjures up how one would feel shopping on a cloud. Most of their designs require these gorgeous crinolines, which is such a lovely throwback. Worn under the modern, elegant, clean cuts, the effect is soft yet stunningly impactful. This design in particular really blew me away. Way ahead of the celestial trend from last year (I wouldn't have liked it so much if it was of the moment. I tend to stay away from that).  It was a classic sleeveless gown in midnight navy covered head to toe in constellations. It was a cool, chic piece that evoked a modern Grace Kelly. I love things that appear as if made from a single cut. A table, an item of clothing, a knickknack. Anything that seems born of one clean source. The shape of the body of the dress reads as if cut from one piece of fabric. So modern yet so classic.

The concept of the constellations is so magical. You can't see it unless you look closely, so the effect gains deeper meaning as you study it closer. The names of the constellations are so visually and phonetically appealing. It's lovely just to read them, let alone wear them. When my fabulous sister in law CL wanted us to wear gowns to my nephew's bar mitzvah, I was so excited that I had something sitting in my closet

πŸ™‹πŸŒŸ πŸ’«.

I probably have mentioned that I don't shop based on need for an occasion. I acquire things, and it's really not often btw, when I am really grabbed by something. So I'm pretty much ready when the need does arise. I paired the dress with the perfect set of gloves that I bought a dozen years ago from a local vintage shop called Mint in Tenafly, New Jersey. They have cutouts of stars, so it was literally a match made in heaven. I thought the gloves were black until I wore them, when I was pleasantly surprised that they too were midnight navy. The black would have worked as well since black and navy are no longer deemed the Romeo and Juliet of color pairings. They are no longer "forbidden" to be mixed😜. I was so happy to have a reason to finally bust out these gloves, which I knew were a great investment that would eventually be a great statement accessory. Simple, classic studs are a subtle support in the jewelry department. A dress this powerful is the "star". Fussy accessories would distract from, and muddle the vision. "Stay classy,San Francisco" (shout out to my ❀ LB and to legend Ron Burgundy).

This ensemble is a great formula of honoring one very impactful piece (yeah I know I used that word before, but it's perfect here) and using the rest of your look to support and compliment the entire effect, a concept I keep yammering on about. My shoes were classic black satin pumps. I changed into sneakers anyway. They were hidden so it didn't matter πŸ˜‰ I openly change into cool sneakers at every event. I'm just not one of those gals that lasts long in heels. My friend SF can run a marathon in 6 inch heels. I'm mystified. I dance better in sneakers, and almost every chick at the party says, "why didn't I think of that?" It's not worth that need amputation feeling at the end of the night. Oh, and I bought this dress at 50% off so it really was written in the stars that I was meant for it.

This lunar Lady loves a deal🌟❀.

Dress Morgane Le Fay. Gloves vintage. Earrings Daniel K.

Dress Morgane Le Fay. Gloves vintage. Earrings Daniel K.