Lady in Red

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So this was my bar mitzvah look numero uno, for a formal Friday night Shabbat dinner that followed prayer services. I love how this was not a new purchase; I’ve had it for two years and wore it only to be photographed for the blog and Instagram. It’s a fabulous, bright red, asymmetrical dress that is both classy and avant- guard. Half of one sleeve is missing, which is a very cool compliment to certain other classic detailing, such as all the tiny buttons running up the front. This is a major statement dress without being revealing. After all, I had to keep it somewhat modest for synagogue. As the hostess it was crucial I stay super elegant. But when this lady does elegant, it’s still bold and true to my taste.

I adore red. It’s such a powerful, confident color. I did a side part with my hair which is more formal than my usual middle. Very Veronica Lake. All my accessories were yellow gold, including the delicate strappy sandals I wore (the pictures here show wedges since I wore those for the blog shoot with this dress originally). This was a perfect Friday night bar mitzvah mommy look. That night started off what was to be a truly magical weekend, full of family, friends, and incredibly joyous vibes and energy. Exactly what my son deserved after he had studied his Torah portion so hard for over a whole year. Red is most certainly a celebratory color. This look began the festivities with a bang️.

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