Never Gets Old


Denim and white is this incredible pairing that just never gets old. Always feels fresh. There’s just something that’s ridiculously appealing about it. What better, more classic way to give this new top a whirl than by putting it with a mid length denim skirt? So feminine, Springy, clean, and pretty. I’m obsessed with this new white wrap top with lace detail from Love Shack Fancy (love shack Ba-a-byyyyy). It wraps perfectly, meaning it wraps well and lays right. It’s annoying when a wrap item puckers and then you wind up fussing with it the whole time. Not comfortable or attractive. I dig the combo of the romantic vibe with the solid feel of the denim. Any color denim works with white, but I liked the mid level wash here because it gave enough contrast while still feeling soft (as opposed to a dark rinse). This look can be work day to evening for a dinner on the earlier side. Like I wouldn’t wear this to go out at 10 o’clock at night but it’s perfect to grab the early bird special. Keep the accessories neutral and soft. Jewelry gold or neutral, maybe a little infusion of turquoise depending on the shoe and bag choice. This whole look should read as easy, classic, and fresh. Exactly the mood we want on a Spring day.