Jacket Kept On


Starting from the time in high school when I used safety pins as hair barrettes, I’ve always loved “using things for other things”. That includes using outerwear as the outfit, be it a long jacket worn belted as a dress or a shorter one used as a top. This Elizabeth and James swing tuxedo jacket is soft in color but sexy in style. Keeping it on over a black lace bralette makes it a shirt. It’s a cool contrast between the obvious coverage of a blazer with the low neckline that exposes hints of black lace. This is a great going out to dinner look. I paired it with the leather Rag and Bone pants that I wear constantly. The leather has stretched out over my ass to the point where these pants are ridiculously comfortable. I recall being scared to buy them. I thought it would be a demeaning process trying to wrestle into them, they’d be too constricting etc. I seriously love them and they always make me feel good. They were a splurge but so worth it, considering how much airtime they get. This look would look great with heels or chic sneakers, which fortunately applies to many looks of today. I love how the lower neckline of the jacket can accommodate a funky statement necklace, which is needed to really take this ensemble into “fun night in the town”. Of course, if your bralette is of the crop top ilk (as opposed to a bra), you can always take off the jacket if you’re in the mood, on a dance floor, or simply taking advantage of the two weeks out of the month when you’re not bloated.