Capping It Off


 I adore the blazer and cap combo! My inspiration for starting to dress like that came from an old photo I saw of Carrie Fisher, of blessed memory. I think it must have been early 80’s in which she and Paul Simon were together. A few years ago I saw a black and white picture of them, in which Carrie was the height of cerebral chic in a turtleneck, cap, and blazer. She looked so effortless, cool, and smart. I was in awe of how she was dressed. Add to cart!

My other source of inspiration for this style comes from two titans in the rap/hip hop world: Mos Def and Common. I have always been obsessed with this genre of music, and remain blown away by the brilliance and intelligence these two specifically bring to the table. These dudes are just so freaking smart, and they are true lyrical poets. So when they rock the hip hop collegiate thing, I know it’s not due to some cheesy stylist. I’ve seen Mos Def perform live a couple times, and when he busts on stage in baggy shorts, a blazer with the collar turned up, cap on, and mic in hand, I am gone. Gone. It is just so sexy, especially since what’s coming out of his mouth is this liquid force of lyrical genius. Common also has a style and swag that knocks me out.  His music has been a driving force for me as well. Famous musicians can really get away with churning out popular crap. So when artists maintain the highest level of integrity by spitting rhymes of the utmost cerebral and creative quality, it moves me. That’s what I came for; give it to me.             

Dressing like this is the epitome of New York cool. This look was based on these bellbottoms and t shirt that I was wearing already. Since we were shooting in Central Park with no place to change, I needed a quick way to mix it up in order to get another look photographed. So if you see me wearing these pants in a lot of my photos, that’s why. To squeeze the most out of shoots I need to make fast, subtle practical changes that will allow for a whole new outfit. Which is really how we dress in real life, so I don’t care if I repeat. My friend Rachel once told me she loves that I wear the same things over and over because it’s realistic. I loved that she told me that! I’ll never pretend like all I do is shop and refuse to repeat an outfit. That is not my life in any sense. I’m just smart about my choices and combinations. Intelligence and style are always a match. Sometimes all you need to create an entire new style possibility,  is a couple of well chosen accessories and the knowledge that you know what the F you’re doing.

Love you today and everyday, The 🐝