American Woman


 I always loved Lenny Kravitz’s version of this song, especially because he had this hot female drummer who was so killer in the video. I have always had a thing for Lenny. One day I’ll tie him up and demand he give me his secrets to aging backwards. Look at him; something is up. I mean, the guy just looks better and better. Piercings and eye makeup on him somehow remain “age appropriate”. It’s the funniest when Howard, who is the same age as Lenny, compares himself to him and says, “Can someone just please shoot me already?”. (Omg, I was just looking for my beloved gun emoji; was it taken away???).

Anyway, this look was chosen for my July 4th post. It was a classic, all American blue jeans and   t-shirt choice, complete with the navy bandana scarf. Standing over the Central Park fairgrounds on this particularly magnificent day in this incredible city was special. New York, like the rest of America, will not be shut down. If you blow up our buildings, we will rebuild. If you threaten us, we will not cower. If you F with us, you will lose. And we will look way better than you while we continue to defend and protect ourselves.       

PS: For all my bravado, I really almost killed myself climbing up the rocks that day in four inch wedges. It was quite a sight. But that’s how we roll; we struggle and trip, get right back up, climb, and smile. Triumph only exists because failure does too. No one will remember your stumbles. Everyone remembers the chick who got herself to the top🏻🇺🇸🏼