Softening Dark Denim


These frayed denim Norma Kamali bellbottom jeans have given me tremendous mileage. I never thought I’d use them so much. I figured I’d wear them once in awhile, and that they’d be one of those items you had to have but never found the right use for. These pants are hands down a sexy staple in my wardrobe, and I always feel great in them. Clearly they look the way they do, and require height in a shoe. I always pair them with a wedge. But I have worn these bottoms with a wide range of tops. Tucked in button down, a half tucked t shirt, a cropped top, a bodysuit, a sweater, a blazer, or the matching trench coat I bought it with. The high waist is very forgiving, and holds you in nicely. Leftover pregnancy tummy can be camouflaged nicely 👏🏻.


This look was all about softening the statement denim with a soft, feminine white linen top. This shirt personifies summer; easy, breezy, light, and crisp. I love off the shoulder tops. It’s nice to show off that toned part of my body. All those vinyasa flows have given me more than just inner peace😉🙏🏻.

The only accessory here was a vibrant, handmade cuff I bought on the beach in Mexico. I wanted to add a little pop of color, but the outfit really didn’t need it. Denim and white are always a winning combo. The gorgeous weather and shooting in Central Park didn’t hurt either! Give your shoulders some air time this summer. They carry so much, and they most certainly deserve their time in the 🌞.

Happy buzzing, The 🐝