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My favorite look from the show

My favorite look from the show

  Day 1 of NYFW started with a ladylike bang, at the Tadashi Shoji show. Bold colors, strategic cutouts, and ultra feminine silhouettes were the key components. Magenta, deep purple, emerald greens, Royal blue, and some black thrown in for good measure. My favorites were the metallic sequined pieces. Throw me back to anything reminiscent of disco fabulosity. There was a bronze metallic sequined pantsuit that I was salivating over. Tadashi designs clothing that truly celebrates women. We are not the same as men, there's no point in pretending we are. Equal, yes, but women are indeed our own special breed. Owning our femininity is a wonderful gift. When a male designer helps us shine in our natural state, it's a true partnership of the sexes. Fluid, vibrant, dresses draped in all the right places that make a woman's body so special, simultaneously emanating strength. The cleanliness of the monochrome was striking. The designs were easy on the eyes while the details were so prevalent. The overall effect was extreme enhancement and appreciation for the female form.  It was a beautiful show, and an exciting way to kick off the week's events.

That day I wore my favorite NYFW ensemble. My long, deconstructed plaid Commes Des Garcon coat, a voluminous black patent leather skirt from Rosie Assoulin, and  a lace turtleneck with bell sleeves. I felt like British royalty. Given the highly tailored, edgy feel to the outfit, I wanted to balance it out with some romance. I requested a soft milkmaid braid from the stylist, a hairstyle I have never been interested in. Always trust your instincts; this worked so well together. The mood was edgy romance, with some punk given by the red plaid. "I will love you more than anyone you've ever known. But don't piss me off". That was the tag line in my head, and I dug it big time. I was fortunate enough that day to have been noticed by the photographer from Cosmo, leading to a feature in their online street style looks. Such an honor! So much planning goes into creating original looks for Fashion Week, so it was extra exciting to see my efforts somewhere other than the mirror. Or my phone when I took selfies😉.

It is one of the blessings of the blog; being able to participate in a business that celebrates creativity, originality, and the beauty of women. I'm most grateful to have been in attendance at the stunning Tadashi show, and to have been recognized for my own styling. It was a fantastic day, and the perfect way to fire off the proverbial gun of New York Fashion Week.

Smiles are pretty, LB


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Ni Oyeung - @flyingunicorn_ni 

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