More Reasons to be a Nomad


Ok, major hot spot alert in NYC‼️  The newly revamped James Nomad hotel. This place is simply way too good to keep to myself.

1)  I'm not like that.

2) It's my civic responsibility as a lifestyle blogger to let you in on life's best shizz.

While doing a recent shoot at this historic, insanely chic hotel, I was lucky to be given a full tour of all this new Sweet Baby James has to offer. If you're looking to stay in NYC from afar, or to take a local staycation, call off the dogs. You have arrived at your destination. The Lady loves history, and the hotel dates back to 1904. It was a scene back then for the OG of mobsters. Damn, do I adore anything mob related (from afar, of course😉). If The Godfather, Goodfells, or Casino is on tv, my day is as good as over. A magnificent corner building in the heart of the Nomad district, which  stands for "north of Madison", the James Nomad gives off various vibes that work together to take care of their guests from all angles of the human experience. Huh?? Allow me to explain.

Upon arrival, you'll immediately be greeted by super warm, friendly NYC bell hops. Yup, I used those adjectives. The lobby decor is streamlined and clean, yet soft and plush. Interesting pops of texture and color are both soothing and exciting. One of my fave details was the bowl of apples and oranges by the back couch section. The lobby is so inviting, it's like you stepped into a living room in Architectural Digest. Only the homeowners aren't snooty assholes, they're the friendliest family on the block, and they want to get to know you. To honor its longtime relationship with the neighborhood, the hotel offers daily complimentary wine and cheese in the lobby at 5 pm. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, and apparently it's here😂🧀🍷. The goal of this is to give locals and guest the chance to mingle, unwind, connect with one another.

The James knows how busy it's guests are. In a time where,ironically, all our tech options can often lead to massive disconnection, the James mood is one of reconnection. Reconnection to ourselves, to others, and to this magnificent city of New York. The hotel promotes the beautiful notion of "sanctuary and scene". Yeah, Dawg, you want hot nightlife? You came to the right place. The scene at the sexy, underground Seville bar is happeninggggggg. Superb cocktails served amongst naughty librarian decor let you know you're night is about to get lit🔥. At least, Karl Lagerfeld and Justin Timberlake thought so last week. 


Of course I was starving when I was there, and I love Italian food. Scarpetta is a terrific Italian restaurant within the hotel, serving as the source of room service as well. Did I just say super solid, delicious room service??? I believe I did. Perhaps my favorite thing about the hotel is the "sanctuary" aspect. After you've had your fill of fun and food, the James offers the utmost in zen relaxation. Each room tv invites you to lose yourself in its custom kundalini program. Yoga mats provided are whispering to you to stop, breathe, hold yourself in your own space, and release tension. Travel is a luxury, but it's tiring. The James Nomad takes its job as your temporary home very seriously. Yes, it's a trendy and sexy atmosphere, but it's simultaneously a mental and emotional safe haven. They don't just want you to STAY here, they want you to BE here.


I experienced the James last week during Fashion Week. The hotel so generously provided me with a suite in which to stay and glam up for a few shows. I am incredibly grateful for their beautiful hospitality. Generosity always pays itself forward... The  giant, white bed was impossible to leave in the morning. I need to find the person making their pillows and hug them ASAP. The stunning modern bathroom boasts a showstopper of a sink. Top of the line bath products in big bottles was my fave room detail. No mini teaspoons of shampoo here. Indeed, while I was working the fashion scene, the James Nomad was the perfect sanctuary throughout all the craziness. This is my life in general now; a balance of being out there in a big way, and going inward and disappearing into my own headspace. I'm busier than I've ever been, yet more zen too. Life nowadays is extreme. The James knows that. They cater to all aspects of our lives; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They don't want you to lose yourself while traveling, they want you to find yourself. They are here for whatever you need. I promised you at the beginning of our blogging journey together that I'd always take good care of you. A nurturer always knows another, and I give you over to this special hotel. They've got you, trust the B. Let's go places together. Many, many places. Safe travels.

See you in the Big Apple🍎.