Will You Marinade Me?


I was mindlessly mixing ingredients one day, as I was in the mood for a homemade marinade. I don't know, I just was. I wasn't measuring, just sorta using a little of this, a little of that. Random pinches of various spices. It worked! I used it for chicken that day, but it's very versatile. It would work well on meat and fish too. Here at Lady Blaga, we especially love it on roasted salmon, served over fresh, colorful greens drizzled with a drop of olive oil. This JESScipe makes over three cups, so you have plenty to leave in the fridge for various dishes. This sauce is perfect for grill season.


One and a half cup of olive oil

One and a half cup of fresh lemon juice

Half cup teriyaki sauce

Tbsp grainy country Dijon mustard

Tsp each garlic powder

Tsp paprika

Tsp turmeric

Half tsp cumin

Two TBSP honey

Quarter tsp fine ground black pepper.




Whisk all really well with a swift wrist. Keep in an airtight container or mason jar in the fridge. Marinate each piece of salmon , generously coating but not drowning. Let it sit thirty minutes. Roast in a preheated 400 degree oven for 18 minutes. I like my fish thoroughly cooked, but if you prefer it less cooked in the middle, then cook for 16 minutes. Let cool slightly, then plate on top of the greens, either on one large plate or individual. My roasted peas and carrots would be a great accompaniment to this main dish. My chocolate bark is a harmless, sweet treat after the meal. Here at Lady Blaga, we aim to give you versatility on all fronts. So now that we appear to be marinated, where should we go on our honeymoon? 💛, LB