Entrenched Part 1

Let me begin by saying I had no idea I had so many trench coats. In coming up with concepts for a recent fashion shoot, I found four. I thought that'd be a fun lil vignette (other possible titles were "Trench Coat Mafia" and "In the Trenches").

 There is a reason why a good trench never goes out of style. They are inherently chic, can be made out of a myriad of fabrics, and have cool built in structure. A good trench elevates any ensemble. It's a sexy piece, and the belt accentuates the waste. Trench coats have a "seriously, don't mess with me" vibe. In general, I love coats and outerwear.  I have kept and cared for so many coats over the years, so a lot of those pieces are now true vintage.

This Marc Jacobs silver, floral trench coat is a collector's item from 15 years ago. I almost gave it away in post baby closet cleaning frenzies, taking out my anger at my weight gain on inanimate objects in my closet. Thank god I didn't get rid of this sparkly gem! Every time I wear it, it's the coolest statement. It's long, has a great slim fit, and draws major attention. I'd wear this belted, open, or even as a coat dress with nothing underneath. Anything under this trench must be more subtle, otherwise I'd look nuts. Nothing to compete with it. Since the coat has a shiny, Studio 54 feel, I wore a 70's cut black Norma Kamali jumpsuit underneath. The cut of this was very Halston, who Norma was pals with. The jumpsuit would have been enough, especially with the black leather zipper heels, but I couldn't resist this black and purple feather choker from Dries Van Noten, from Maxfield's in Los Angeles. There are pastels in the coat for the faded floral pattern, so the purple worked with that. The edgy feather look went so well with the simple classic chic of the coat. Once the coat comes off, there's still a wow factor with the choker. This calls for simple hair and makeup, so you don't look overdone. This look is really three essential pieces; a sleek neutral building block, a statement trench, and a wild accessory. Done and done! Now go have fun!!! Please drink responsibly.