One Cardigan, Two Looks

In life, we tend to keep revisiting the things we love. Food, friends, films, fashions. We are wired to go after what makes us happy. This is a good thing when it comes to finding maximum use out of a prized item of clothing. If you start to dress by choosing a piece you truly feel good in, then your outfit will be a hit. When your gut urges you to go for something, it's usually right. Unless if it's that awful guy you can't stay away from, or say, heroin. Then you hit the IGNORE button. But this ain't that. This is a sweater. So we're safe😉

For this style, my black leather Kanye cardigan tops the ultimate in loungewear chic. Most often my at home comfort "look" involves an ancient James Taylor concert tee (❤️ James!!!!), and too large striped boxer shorts from Target (❤️Target!!!!). Giant gray socks I was given in the maternity ward at Lenox Hill hospital eleven years ago ( I pushed out a baby. I got fugly socks), and the required ratty hoodie. BUT, once in awhile I like to feel like a Lady Who Lounges. And doesn't look like shit.

With the feverish rise of cool, sleek, adorable sweats and tees, there are tons of options for just hangin'. My go to for casual cool, Norma Kamali, makes these super fly harem sweatpants with a tapered ankle. They fit beautifully, and are surely (don't call me Shirley) fit for going out as well, since they're anti shlumpy. Since I mercifully wasn't bloated that day, a factor of my life over which I have almost zero control, I put on a cute cropped black tank. Of course a full length would look great too.

My favorite non slipper at home footwear are my various pairs of Birkenstocks. These black stud special editions give major gravity to anything. To add a little interest and zing, as well as to break up the black, I wore one of my favorite necklaces, a silver handmade Yemenite necklace from tel Aviv. One piece of jewelry is all you need, after all, it's still loungewear. So very little in the accessory department. And then of course, the cardigan, which is a refreshing upgrade from a sweatshirt, but serves exactly the same purpose. This is a perfect ensemble for entertaining at home, since you want to be comfortable, chic, and layered. I get so hot working in my kitchen, top layer removal is a must. Oh, and if you are in fact hanging at home, whether you have guests or not, put on some Mr. West. He can be an unpredictable loose cannon, but when he's in the building, things are "Bound" to always be way more interesting.