Lazy, Starving 🍆 Parm


P(h)armocology✔️. So there I was last week, starving and drained after the homework carpool thing. Why is it so freaking brutal😫? Some nights I don't really care what I eat; if it's healthy and there, that'll do for me, whatever it is. That night I just needed something fresh and hot. It's so annoying to have to cook for myself on top of being a short order cook for the kiddies. I'm usually just not in the mood. I looked at what veggies I had available, I'm well stocked in that area. I saw a nice eggplant 🍆🤔and came up with this JESScipe.

I actually made it with both eggplant and zucchini. It was sooo fast and easy! There are certain combinations of flavors that one might consider eating even if it was on a piece of 💩. I know that's beyond gross, but I have legit had this conversation with friends. We are all in agreement that tomato sauce and cheese, like chocolate and peanut butter, is one such combination. 




Olive oil

Spices such as garlic powder, kosher salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.


Shredded cheese.




After slicing the vegetables on a bias, I placed the slices in a pan that I lightly brushed with olive oil. I then brushed the tops lightly with the oil as well. I sprinkled a little kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning all around.


I put the pan on the second top rack of my oven, that was preheated to broil. I like the pan on top but not the upper most, to avoid a fire🔥😱.

Within a couple minutes the vegetable slices were browned. I took out the pan but kept the oven on.

Spooned on some chunky marinara, sprinkled shredded cheese, drizzled with some extra oil, and popped back under the broiler. Another couple minutes until the cheese was nicely bubbled and browned.

This whole process is under ten minutes, and so delicious. I get the awesome taste and feel of eggplant Parm without the frying, breadcrumbs, and hour and a half of cooking.  Healthy, low fat, and fast; what could be better?  The large slices of eggplant topped with sauce and cheese platter beautifully. I served this fresh to the Blaga team at our last photo shoot for lunch. All gobbled up. I cannot talk when I cook, but this is so simple and quick, so I was able to assemble it even though there were peeps in my kitchen. Moms, we deserve a great meal at the end of the day too!

🍆🍅🧀, Lady Hungry