That Slogan is Totes Moi

When we like or purchase items with slogans on them, it's because on some level we agree with what's being said.  It's as if we are using the shirt or the bag to speak for us, but it's a weird crutch. It's like “hey man, I bought something that says "Badass", so I MUST be one!!”  It sort of absolves us of actually living out the concept. I know, way to overthink the makeup case, but I overthink everything, I always have and can't help it, AND I think that's why you like me😉.

It's better than under thinking😉😉.

This whole idea reminds me of when we dress our babies in those ridiculous rock tees (believe me, I did it too). Wow, that's so cool that your 8-month-old is so well versed in the Beatles back catalog! Or, that's so funny, I think I saw your 3-year-old on line at the Beacon to hear Fleetwood Mac! RAD. Listen, I've been there. We need to cling to the belief that we are "still cool" despite being older and having kids. So, putting your infant in clothing, or a hipster mini fedora, really means you haven't abandoned your former ideology.  Same thing with these ubiquitous slogans. Which are indeed often cute, and accurate. BUT, we've got to back it up with the way we conduct ourselves. I bought a tote that says "Wake up. Kick ass. Sleep. Repeat." I recall seeing it and thinking, "OMG, TOTES me!!" Um, not really.

Buying the bag filled my self satisfaction quota that day. But I swear, it gnawed at me. It was in my closet on top of my Justin Bieber drawstring bag, and it was as if this canvas sack started to silently mock me. What was I actually doing to prove myself worthy of that fushtunkena phrase????  Btw, autocorrect exploded when I just typed that word. It finally gave up. I swear, there needs to be a phone function for anyone with a Yiddish speaking background...

I have very recently been feeling a need to edit and restructure my life, so I can live a better one. It's really not as complicated as we think. I have taken a lot of surrounding cues that have helped reroute my entire approach. These bags being some of them. Which means that purchasing them was invaluable.  Buy them. But BE them too. Fill your kick ass tote bag with all your strength and originality. And I promise you'll feel lighter. Carry yourself the way only you can. I love you❤