Styles For Miles


I adore fashion.  But for me, it must look effortless. I am an organic human to the core in all I do.  If an ensemble took more than a few minutes of thought, and appears to be based on too much effort, I feel uncomfortable and whip it off.  I am never happy looking rehearsed.  If I have to overthink it, no bueno.  I wear my clothes, they do not wear me.  Never ever let an inanimate object overpower you.  It’s your message, what you wear gets life from YOU!  That’s why I prefer sexy, undone hair, natural nails and makeup.  I don’t feel that I need to be fussy with that stuff.  Unnecessary.  Otherwise I would feel like a contestant on “Toddlers and Tiaras”.  No thanks.  No disrespect to the child beauty pageant industry.  
Well,  maybe a little… or a lot…


This look says a lot about my style.  The current Norma Kamali dress is sheer black over a nude bodysuit.  This is the first time in my life I’d have even contemplated wearing something this overtly sexy.  Oh, Please.

My girl, Charlene at Norma Kamali sends me wardrobe changing items.  Sexy, effortless, and comfortable.  Done.  Back to the dress; it’s so feminine and really celebrates the body.  So the perfect juxtaposition to that was this Barbara Bui pea coat from my fave boutique, Gito.   I adore a pea coat.  Timeless, androgynous.  Menswear is major for me.  The structure of the coat is the perfect dose of fierceness over the lingerie style building block of the look.  Vintage Chanel pins and a necklace, purchased over the years at different consignment shops (I will always lean towards anything that has a history).  Nail it with killer details.  I am a glove fanatic.  These fingerless, stud babies brought it all home.  

This look is very much Lady Blaga.  Edgy, sexy, chic, unisex, oh, AND IT TOOK TWO MINUTES to pull together!  It was an outdoor shoot on a 35° day, my brain was frozen.  My stuff was literally strewn all over the woods.  This is honest to God what I grabbed, as my extremities were losing all sensation.  The brilliant Steve Otte captured all I was aiming for.  Found him on IG, knew it!!

Stay Fierce,
Lady Blaga

Photography: Steve Otte  | Wearing: Norma Kamali dress | barbara bui coat | Chanel pins and necklace |  giuseppe zanotti boots

Photography: Steve Otte  | Wearing: Norma Kamali dress | barbara bui coat | Chanel pins and necklace |  giuseppe zanotti boots