Libations by Lady Blaga

Happy Summer ☀️😎🍸🍷🍾‼️ We at Lady Blaga are thrilled to bring to you some liquid love to further enhance this most rad of seasons. We have teamed up with top Manhattan mixologist, Rob B, to come up with some specialty drinx. I must confess, I needed to outsource this, since I'm not really a drinker. I think most alcohol tastes like nail polish remover. My first hangover was at the age of 37. At the Western Wall. At a bar mitzvah at 7 am. Not ideal. I always drink the same at my maximum, about four cocktails. Sometimes I'm unaffected, sometimes I'm dancing with a lampshade on my head. I can't gauge my reaction. I'm a funny drunk though, not a mean one, so I've been told. It's Jessie dialed up a thousand notches. Rob, a dapper Man About Town, whipped up the following recipes out of his perfectly tailored, probably plaid back pocket. Cheers! L'chaim! You're all so beautiful, and I say that without beer goggles🍻🍻. Drink up, calm down, and keep cruising.




Pineapple Infused Mojito:

On a warm summer evening, this drink checks all the boxes. Makes 1 pitcher.



  • Rum
  • Pineapple 
  • Blackberries 
  • Sugar 
  • Club soda


1. Pour 16 oz of rum in a jar

2. Cut up 8 slices of pineapple and add to jar 

3. Store in fridge overnight 

4. Separate liquid from fruit

5. Finely chop pineapple and add to a pitcher 

6. Add 1 cup whole blackberries and muddle with the pineapple *add 3 tablespoons sugar for a sweeter cocktail 

7. Pour in the rum

8. Pour in 5 cups club soda

9. Stir and serve make sure to get fruit in every glass

10. optional basil leaf garnish