Listen to Ain't No N***a (feat. Foxy Brown) by JAY Z

This song is decades old, and somehow I just heard it for the first time recently. It is on replay all day. I cannot get enough of it. It's a variation on the Four Tops hit "Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got", a song I've always loved too.

I adore the genre of Motown. I was a Four Tops and Temptations nut from my early teens. Jay Z is so cool here, I want to cry and dance at once. I have such admiration for a badass female rapper. To spit with the guys, and even outshine them, is so monstrously insane. Foxy Brown controls these few minutes, no doubt. She is the crux of the song, no disrespect to anyone else intended. From bar one, I can't stop bouncing. Actually bouncing. In front of a floor length mirror in my home (don't judge me). There is no cooler human on this planet, or any other, than Pharrell. Gwen Stefani once described him that it's as if Oprah and Yoda had a baby. Bullseye!

The sheer level of talent drippingout of his every pore. The wisdom and innovation. The ability to do just every single thing in the music industry. Effortless.  He's so hot, too. He looks like an Egyptian cat God.  There's an encapsulating elegance to him that adds to my fascination with him.  This song is essentially a trifecta of genius, hustle, and flow. Ain't no Jay like the one we got. Even if he just gave his son a crazy name.