Winging It


I felt terrible disappointing Victoria’s Secret by choosing to rep a different set of wings. I am beyond in love with this Balinese clothing company I found on Instagram, through this wonderful yogi I follow. Warriors of the Divine makes me feel exactly that when I wear one of their handmade pieces. This black kimono with these amazing giant gold angel wings is mystical and beautiful. I feel just as good in larger scale clothing than I do in fitted dresses. I don’t feel the need to wear something skintight to enjoy feeling lovely. A floaty kimono gives the chance to enjoy our bodies in a different way; you can feel the air on your skin, be more conscious of what’s going on underneath the fabric, and delight in feeling unconstricted. Chances are most chicks in the room will be in a more predictable silhouette; a loose piece takes a certain amount of confidence to feel great without the need to outline your form. I love the combo of black and gold. When I’m in black clothes I love to pour on the yellow gold jewelry. This dress made me feel so ethereal and otherworldly. It has a goddess Stevie Nicks vibe. The wings aren’t just beautiful. They’re symbolic for obvious reasons. I love clothing with a message, and anything that reminds me I can fly is wonderful. It’s also a reminder that I’m protected by my angels at all times. This dress physically covers me but liberated me at the same time.