I so appreciate versatility in my wardrobe choices. When pieces can serve more than one function it also really helps with packing for a trip. I’m not an efficient packer yet but it’s something I’m really working on. These tres’ chic mesh poolside ensembles from Norma Kamali can be used in a few ways. I have worn them as cover ups, as loungewear, and even from day to night with the right shoe and jewelry. Each piece can be used separately. I love how the tops are long sleeves even though they’re meant to be worn in warm weather. Over the right fitted tank or bralette they can def be used as legit tops. The pants look great with almost anything on top. I’ve used the skirt as a real skirt with a top that’s long enough to cover my tush, say an oversized belted t shirt or button down. These pieces are all about how you work them. The mesh fabric provides instant edge. There’s an out the gate cool factor. These pieces pack beautifully. They don’t wrinkle. The black and white allow for multiple uses over a warm weather vacay. The day I can successfully have all I need in a carry on is a day I can die happy🏼.