Sew What?


No one drops a “so what?” better than Kathy Griffin, after delivering sardonic wit at a blitzkreig pace. I hate that her career suffered after that whole Trump fiasco. As if anyone normal isn’t thinking the same thing, jeez. She’s always been one of my favorite comedians (gender irrelevant) and one of the best guests on Howard. Her book years ago was great too. Not all funny people can write. Speaking and writing are different skill sets. Back to fashion. I love embroidery, in part because I love handmade craftsmanship. While I have no idea if this dress was hand sewn, it looks like it was, which puts me in some yummy kind of zone. It’s amazing what a well placed belt can do to an oversized tee, a tunic (horrendous word), or any other potentially waist cinching piece.

It took me a long time to get the belt thing right. My sister in law Chaya has always been a black belt in belting. Again, it’s a skill set of sorts. She also cuffs a t shirt well, something I’m not good at but should be, like wrapping a gift. I love how versatile this perfect summer mini dress is. The burst of color off the white linen is fun and light. The bright green shoes are the perfect accompaniment. I have dressed this look up with a tailored pinstripe navy blazer. You can pretty much wear any shoe height here, event and time of day depending. This fresh frock just makes me happy. I love wearing it. It summarizes summer; light, airy, playful, colorful, delicious, and fun. I can’t believe how much black I used to wear in the summer. I now like being on the sunny side of the street.