Blue Sky


That’s the title of one of my favorite Allman Brothers songs. Fun fact: Whipping Post is the other. I’m on a Love Shack Fancy Bender these days. The clothing from there is just so soft, sexy, and boho feminine. I feel like a hippie princess in all their designs. There’s a lovely ease to their style. This two piece ensemble can be broken up and worn as separates, and looks terrific together too. Beyond comfortable and light as a cloud. This will really come in handy when New York City summer temperatures inevitably get way too hot and sticky. Ladies, you feel me with the need for ventilation? I actually need to find the right barely there strappy sandal for this outfit, for those times where shoes can’t be avoided. There’s something so yummy about embracing full on girlhood. I’ve been enjoying that very much lately, in many aspects. It’s a nice gauge of where we are internally; to keep the inside as soft and open as the outside and vice versa. Babydoll dresses, little romantic tops, lace detailing, tiny buttons. Girls, take advantage of your amazing lunar goddess nature☯️🧝🏻‍♀️