Fresh in Ganesh


Ob. Sessed. With this clothing brand in Bali called Warriors of the Divine. I found them on Instagram. Their clothing is handmade, fair trade, such good quality, and arrives quickly in the mail. I’ve received their packages from Bali faster than my friends in my neighborhood received my son’s bar mitzvah invitations. I’m not even kidding, the state of the postal service is depressing.

As many of you know, I have really found comfort and growth in yoga and zen philosophy. Ganesh is a Hindu god and a prime symbol of yogic tenants. He is the elephant god and symbolizes many things, including overcoming obstacles and staying positive and in control. He remains playful and joyful despite obvious physical challenges. I love clothing with meaning which is why a kimono with a message is perfect. This robe is the statement piece. Worn barefoot over classic jeans and a tank top, with only Mala beads as an accessory, this look was my fave from the shoot. This robe is glamorous and could also be worn as an overcoat on top of a cocktail dress. I wore it over a black jumpsuit and huge earrings to meet Diane Von Fürstenberg a couple weeks ago (name drop!). I got a ton of compliments over the originality of the piece. It was gratifying to align fashion with spirituality. I like wearing my heart and soul on my sleeve🕉.