Anna Sui, Remember Me?

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.03.28 AM.png

Boy, do I recall how excited I was to buy this Anna Sui silk, billowy top. I acquired this 20 years ago. I had been a rabid fan of her designs for years, and even having a sock from one of your fashion idols is thrilling. I still love this shirt. The tan, red, and blue color scheme feels vintage to me, while the loose fit feels boho. Thank god I didn’t give this away in one of my bi annual frantic closet cleaning binges. A few years went by where I didn’t wear it but I never wanted to get rid of it. Now it’s a vintage Anna Sui piece. Always hold on to your designer stuff!! The blouse works tucked in or out I happen to like a blousy look, but it’s also nice accentuate the fact that you’re not pregnant. Hence the tight jeans. I love this hat, you’ve seen it before. I always get sad when the time to put away my fabulous winter hats arrives. But that means the straw ones that I’ve been collecting for decades. They need fresh air too. This is a good seasonally transitional look; fitted denim, a silk shirt in a warm color palette, and a wide brim hat to add some drama and depth. I’d wear this under my vintage fur vest you’ve seen dozens of times. It’s cool how even a subtle designer item can elevate an outfit.