Feather Bed


What else do you title a post about an ensemble made of your favorite silk pajama top and feathered skirt? This outfit surprised me, in that I didn’t think it would look good together in actuality. I gave it a shot, mixing pieces in an unexpected way; this can either be a genius move or epic fail (both gross exaggerations of course. I’m neither Einstein nor the guy who made everyone panic about Y2K). But from a fashion perspective it is indeed very cool when you can completely rework and repurpose an item of clothing. It speaks to creativity, chutzpah, and individuality. This feathered DKNY skirt is def a statement piece. I feel it makes my ass look twice it’s normal size, but no one notices because there are feathers literally everywhere. The Rag and Bone silk pajama top is easily one of my favorite items in my entire closet. I always feel so good in it. I love the loose pajama top look over skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. The burgundy and navy top contrasted beautifully with the cream colored skirt here. There was something effortless about knotting the top to make the proportions work. I bought the large flower thing decades ago, during that Carrie Bradshaw flower craze. I’ve worn it never. Sticking it in my hair was a last minute playful (god, I hate that word when it’s applied to anything but puppies) move that looked cute. A guy I dated recently told me an outfit he liked on my Instagram was playful and I wanted to vomit. Anyhoo, I’d totally wear this look to a party, and add five points knowing it’d be the most unique look there🏻. Statement skirt, a tied silk top, complementary heels, optional señorita flower. Just don’t make the flower a fresh one, that somehow changes the mood to cringeworthy. I can’t explain it, just trust me.