Best No Carb French Toast


What a treat it is to have guilt free French toast after decades of avoiding it. At most, I’d pick at some here and there, only to regret it later. Which sounds crazy and vain because it kind of is. But as a woman who has been watching her weight for awhile like most gals I know, it’s just part of the deal to think like that. A treat is really fine every so often, but it too often comes attached to feelings of guilt and self loathing after. Nothing terrible, just that general feeling where you cancel out any enjoyment you may have gotten from indulging in the first place. This whole thing is such a bummer, am I right?? Which is why this recipe is so exciting. I can eat delicious French toast while fully enjoying it due to zero guilt. I make it using this no carb, high fiber bread from Thin Slim Foods. I found this whole trolling on Instagram. Each slice has 45 calories, which is nothing, 7 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fiber. The fiber cancels out the carbs, netting zero. One slice also has 7 grams of protein and 0 sugar. SUCH. A. WIN.

For this recipe I use:

Two slices Thin Slim Foods bread

One egg beaten and mixed with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (your favorite milk will do)

Two tablespoons of Lily’s chocolate chips (optional)

Some mixed berries (I usually use raspberries and blackberries)

Choc Zero maple syrup. The syrup totally tastes like regular syrup.   


Heat a frying pan with nonstick spray. I’ll add a couple of teaspoons of melted light coconut butter to add a slight buttery taste. Mix the egg and milk together well in a bowl. Soak both sides of each bread slice well in the mixture. Fry each side several minutes until golden brown. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle some cinnamon on the upside of the slice that’s browning. Plate the French toast, sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. They’ll get nice and melty. Drizzle syrup on top. I love to fork most of the bites with a berry. I don’t think I need to explain why this is so delicious! Healthy, guilt free breakfast has never looked or tasted better. It’s seriously about time; if I made one more egg white omelet I was going to lose my mind .