Chicken Veggie Stew

Thank you to my friend Rebecca for requesting this off one of my recent instastories. I just love to use my slow cooker on a cold, dark night. The kitchen smells delicious all day, and it’s just such a warm and homey concept. Comfort food in every sense. No oil, no flour, no frying, no grease; this is a clean, healthy way to prepare a complete meal. Protein, veggies, a healthy grain, a homemade sauce, spices, and done. Feeds a whole family with ten minutes of prep. Can’t beat that.

I made this because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make my daughter dinner late afternoon like I normally do. I prepped it in the morning, set the slow cooker on high, and felt soooo satisfied all day that I knew dinner was done. I used things I had on hand.


A pack of skinless chicken thighs

Six carrots peeled and cut into two inch pieces

Three sweet potatoes unpeeled and cut into chunks

Four parsnips peeled and cut into chunks,

Four celery stalks cut into two inch pieces

Two whole garlic cloves

A medium onion cut into quarters

A zucchini unpeeled and cut into large dice or half inch rounds

Six cups vegetable or chicken stock

A 16 oz can tomato sauce

A cup and a half of quinoa

Two tsp salt

Half a tsp pepper

A tbsp each of garlic powder and paprika

A tsp and a half of Italian seasoning

A dried bay leaf or a bouquet garni of any fresh herbs you might have on hand (rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, dill).


Place the onion, garlic, and sweet potatoes in first. Place chicken on top, then quinoa, then rest of veggies. Tuck in the bay leaf if using, or nestle in the bouquet garni.  Mix the stock, tomato sauce, and spices/seasonings. Pour slowly all over contents. Tightly secure the lid and set to high if morning of, at least six hours in advance. Set to low if preparing night before. Can omit the chicken and make this vegan🥕. Eggplant, butternut squash, chickpeas, or cauliflower would also be great additions here. Any whole grain such as Farro works beautifully too. Enjoy!

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