Suck it, Griffendor


Where my Harry Potter fans at? Ah, there you are.

So you know how there are four houses at Hogwarts, and how Griffendor is the annoyingly perfect and superior house. Slytherin is for assholes, Hufflepuff sounds a bit fluffy, and then we have Ravenclaw. While all the cool kids are vying to get with the captain of the Griffendor quidditch team, this sorceress prefers to be iconoclastic and roll with a less obvious house.

Never one to conform, I bought my Ravenclaw t shirt at Universal Studios last year, in the overpriced gift shop conveniently located at the exit of the Harry Potter exhibit. Suck it, Griffendor! Ravenclaw represents creativity and wisdom; I’ll take it. Plus, I really liked this particular shade of gray. I love incorporating a whimsical t shirt into an outfit. A good tee says something about who you are. I love to pair one with a snazzy pantsuit too, in the way of injecting humor into a sharper look. These linen pajama pants from Urban Outfitters presented the perfect relaxed chic bottom. I love pajamas out of the house. My 13 year old beat up Converse have been a source of refuge for my feet since I was pregnant with my son. My feet ballooned in size during that 80 pound weight gain, and those shoes have stretched and contracted over time to fit my feet. The straw fedora lightens up the whole look in both color, weight, and feel. It adds a jolt of summer atop the dark gray of the shirt, and bookends the linen pants. This is probably my favorite look from this most recent photo shoot, because it’s  indicative of how I’d dress on a summer day. It’s Me from head to toe, like my Ravenclaw shirt. Don’t ever be obvious about anything. You’re wiser and more creative than you realize.