Bit O’ Plaid


I’m crazy about this little plaid top. I kinda went on a bender at Urban Outfitters. That was absolute favorite store in high school. The stuff I bought there mid 90’s legit drove my mom to self medicate with cigarettes and TAB. Omg, warm and flat TAB was a staple in our home. I craved it like the crack cocaine it really is. My mother still buys it by the case. I think Amazon delivers it directly from Chernobyl.

I’ve been all about gauzy, linen, and light this summer. This ruffle would never have interested me prior to right now, and I’m so glad it did. How cute and sexy is this top? It’s light as a feather so it’s perfect for these two thousand degree temperatures here in the tri state area. I love this shirt with the light wash denim. They work together in their ease and pastel palette. The top is sparse, so the long skirt balances that. If one wore this with daisy duke cutoffs, they’d look  like they were trying waaaayyyyy too hard to be Miss Chili Cook Off. This would also look cute with high waisted denim bellbottoms. That would be a good transitional look, when it gets a bit cooler.

Off the shoulder is always so feminine and alluring. It’s a body part that everyone can be comfortable showing off. A size 4 is irrelevant, everyone has nice shoulders. If any of you don’t love certain parts right now but want to show some skin, try off the shoulder, either one or both. Dip your toe in the water that way. Believe me, I get it. I wasn’t a skinny teen, and having four kids has put my body through the ringer in a zillion different ways. This level of physical comfort is quite new for me too. But once achieved, it’s really nice to enjoy your body. Make that the body loving goal; it’s really not about size or number on a scale. It’s about how you feel when you look in the mirror naked. No spanx, no control top, no tricks. You and what you see. You and how you feel. It’s your human suit, so please find ways to love it. Life is just easier that way.