Primary Colors πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’š


What do yellow and blue make? We learn that it’s green when we are about two years old. This all linen look is entirely J Crew from eight years ago, when color blocking was having a major moment. I was in quite a preppy, Jackie O phase. I imagined her wearing this while casually strolling around her Narragansett family compound. I actually visited this compound with my ex husband before we had kids. We had taken a road  trip to Newport, Rhode Island. It was Kennedy heaven.


I loved these yellow slacks when I bought them, then kind of thought they were stupid, and now I’m back to loving them. I thought color blocking was awesome at the time, but then I morphed into a mostly black wardrobe. I couldn’t believe I dressed like a walking rainbow. I felt Black was sleek, chic, and sexy. I dressed with such a hard edge for so long. I’m happy to say that I’m back in the land of joyful, cheerful colors and patterns! All so reflective of how I’ve softened up all over, which feels so nice. Since I love button down shirts do much, and since I embraced navy a couple years ago, I love pairing this shirt and slack combo. Yellow and navy is always so fresh feeling. Crisp navy and sunny yellow compliment each other beautifully, it’s like sky meets sun. Let’s add in some grass with the green! These Jimmy Choo patent leather bright green wedges are always a fresh pop of color. The primary color theme works so well from top to bottom, and is a lovely warm weather statement. It’s a great ladylike take on menswear. The colors all feel fluid since they’re all hues of equal strength and vibrancy. Nothing is a pale shade, like the chick writing this post.