Green Omelette


Don’t panic; this isn’t a gross take on Green Eggs and Ham. I know we all love the classic Dr Seuss tale, but I’m leaving colored out of this one. This healthy dish is so simple to make, and is perfect for any meal. While serving lunch to some friends, I needed to prepare something purely protein and plant based, to balance out the two pasta dishes I made. Adding mixed greens under a standard omelette instantly elevated basic eggs. I sautéed chopped scallions and mixed those with blanched asparagus, which I then put on top of the omelette. So easy right??? Any vegetables you have on hand will do here, as will any greens to go underneath. I don’t like cheese, but I’d guess goat or fontina would work here in some capacity. This looked pretty; green, yellow, green . Making one large omelette and slicing it into wedges looked really cute, and could not have been more of a time savor. I platted this to make it more sophisticated looking. Done and done✅.


 Four cups of mixed greens, spinach, or kale massaged in olive oil to soften (omg, ewwwww).

Eight eggs beaten, and seasoned with some salt and pepper. Use this to make an omelette, which you will cut into wedges.

A bunch of asparagus, blanched in salted boiling water for three minutes, then plunged in an ice bath to cool.

Two bunches of scallions, chopped and sautéed.

That’s it Peeps; platter the greens, top with egg wedges, then again top with sautéed asparagus and scallions. Fresh, simple, farm to table, and beyond healthy. I’m imagining Mr Burns from the Simpsons saying “excellent”, only as “eggs-cellent”. Omg, I’m the worst but never changing.      PS; if you don’t know what an ice bath is after blanching; boil a pot of salted water. Blanch vegetables for three minutes until bright green, then quickly remove and put in a pre prepared bowl of ice water. This stops the cooking process, and will retain crispness and that bright green color.