Damn, That's Some Hot Pretzel


Sometimes you buy clothing thinking, "I have no idea when the hell am I ever going to wear this, but I like it so whatever”.  That’s how I felt about this two piece, white and gray Norma Kamali ensemble. Truth is, if I’m ever invited to a black tie gang initiation I could make this work. Until that day hopefully arrives, I’ll put it on to eat a pretzel overlooking the water on Riverside Blvd. As always, Norma’s fabrics are the utmost in comfort. They don’t wrinkle, and they breathe with you. I’d actually wear this to go dancing, with hightops. I’m loathe to ever dress revealing effort, but this outfit is actually effortless. It’s an open back, so the white sports bra was all that was needed. This amazing industrial statement necklace is from that store in Israel I’ve mentioned, Plazmalab. FYI, it’s in Tel Aviv on King George street. Go. I always say how I love “things that look like other things”, so a necklace made of recycled machinery parts is rad. I’d love to wear that necklace with a strapless black or white dress to a fancy event, bringing an unexpected mood to the whole enterprise of “fancy events”. Statement necklace indeed.


I was starving at this point in the shoot, so what better snack to shove in my mouth than a classic NYC hot pretzel. I had to forgo the mustard; there was NOT A CHANCE it wouldn’t have dripped down. This outfit is straight up urban chic, a refreshing change from all that leggings athleisure insanity. It’s just too much; that genre has usurped complete control over how women dress on a daily basis. To athleisure I say this, “don’t be so greedy. Let us wear other cool, comfortable things as we do our errands and pretend to workout”. Actually, I’m going dancing with the squad this Monday night at Fat Buddha on the LES. The DJs are my teachers and friends. Think I’m gonna wear this! Midnight salty carbs yeahhhhhhh👍🏼.

Stay both cool and hot at once, L🐝