This 🍉Tastes Like 🧀

I don’t like cheese unless it’s adorning pizza or eggplant parm, and even then I’m not a fresh mozzarella gal. It’s got to be the processed shredded kind. A cheese course on a menu mystifies me. I can’t comprehend why anyone would choose stinky feet and vomit over chocolate goo, but the that’s what makes the world go round! Obv the cheese obsession is real; you just can’t eat that stuff unless you really dig it. Wine one can fake, this no 🧀🍷.

Anyway, while on the beach in Tel Aviv recently, the natives were gobbling down sliced watermelon served with chunks of feta. It was on the menu at Gazoz, this restaurant where we hung out everyday. I imagine it’s a Mediterranean thang. My friend James loved this combo of salty and sweet. He explained that the pairing of the crisp, cold, sweet watermelon with a nugget of creamy, pungent cheese was a party in the mouth. I so get that, and while it’s not my bag, if it may be yours you should def try it. It did look very pretty and summery. The color combo of bright pink and stark white are the fresh embodiment of summer. This is a joke to prepare, which is why I’m sharing it here. I want your summer easy and bright!

Simply slice chilled 🍉into wedges and serve a bowl of crumbled feta along side it. I’d add a bowl of fresh mint leaves on the side as well, for added flavor, color, and texture. Guests can assemble as needed so all components retain crispness. This is a very easy thing to bring to a picnic or beach gathering🏖.