Feeling Like Nothing To Feel Like Everything

Things I don’t feel like at this very moment:

A single woman.

A fixer. 

A cook.

An ex wife.


A fashionista. 

A joker.

A strategist. 

A planner.

An effort putter.

An Uber orderer.

A homework checker. 

A caption writer.

A music set builder.

A job connector.

A house manager.

A nurse.

A snack carrier.

A dieter.

An early riser.

A blogger.

A scene writer.

An email responder.

A text editor.

A phone call ignorer.

A caretaker.

A camp counselor.

An organizer.

An anticipator.

An assumer.                         

Things I do feel like:

A mermaid.

A beach bum.

A wanderer.

A feeler.

A friend.

A roommate.

A laundry hanger.

An eater.

A smiler.

An element of nature.

An appreciator.

A radiant source of light.

A glower.         

Must this all be determined by geography...?

-Written on the beach in Israel