Roasted Potato Salad


No offense, Mayo, but you gross me out big time. I posted pics of this clean, uncomplicated potato salad last week, and it was so exciting to see how many of you wanted the JESScipe asap. While prepping for my latest food shoot, I saw this big bag of the cutest little yellow potatoes. I have never actually made this before, but I had to buy the potatoes and figure something out. I love challenging myself in the kitchen; it’s a good way to channel energy and creativity. I was extra emotional last week for several reasons, and putting my brain power to productive culinary use was a healthy use of myself.     

The potatoes here are not cut, which looks so pretty, and saves time and prep work. Any time you can eliminate a step or two without sacrificing taste and beauty, it’s a win. What’s that word I always use? Oh, right: “editing”😎. Tiny red potatoes would look well here too, and I usually use those, but I love the earthy color here that’s achieved with roasting the potatoes. I also love the color contrast between the caramelized brown with all the fresh herbs. 

This is a fabulous side dish to serve warm or room temperature. Bring it in a pretty container as your contribution to a BBQ this summer. The potatoes can be roasted the day before, with the dressing and herbs mixed in the day of (yo, sabbath keepers). Just let all marinate a couple hours before serving, room temp. You want the potatoes soft with having absorbed tons of flavor.   


3 lbs tiny yellow potatoes

Half cup finely chopped scallions

A quarter each packed chopped fresh dill and parsley

8 sprigs fresh thyme with the leaves pulled down and off



A quarter cup olive oil

1 Tbsp each Dijon mustard

1 Tbsp champagne vinegar

Half tsp salt, quarter tsp coarse ground pepper


Preheat oven to 415 on roast setting (bake setting is ok too). Place potatoes in a single layer in a pan and drizzle with a couple tbsp olive oil. Mix and cover tightly with foil. I just used oil here so as not to make the potatoes too salty, given the dressing. You can always increase your seasonings during the second stage. You can’t lessen salt and pepper, but you can add to it. Cooking the potatoes covered steams them. I like to steam them halfway and roast the rest of the time, resulting in soft and caramelized 🥔.

Ok, so cook covered 20 min then uncover for another 20 or until fork tender. I like my oven rack on top. When potatoes are a bit shriveled and golden brown, let cool.

Make vinaigrette and pour on, mixing well, including the fresh thyme leaves. You can garnish with a cluster of fresh thyme sprigs on a corner of the serving platter, if you have extra. It’s always a nice, fresh indicator of what makes the dish clean and special🌱. I’m a huge dill gal; make sure your herbs are plentiful here so the flavors really pop. Potatoes are a bit like a white event space; you gotta jazz it up and bring it to life.

This dish is legit a high five to your taste buds. The 🍔🌭🍗will thank you for making them look so good. It’s like when the backup singer steals the spotlight🎤. Oh, make extra dressing if needed here, or make to keep in the fridge for other uses. This is also a great fish marinade.