Kimono she didn't


Out of the several kimonos I’ve amassed, this one is my favorite.  It’s so vintage feeling, from the faded background color to the pattern.  I got it in Tel Aviv in November, at this super cool store called Plazmalab. I love how the store describes itself as a “collection of dreamers”.  Check it out if you go!  I picked up a bunch of gems from there, all very unique pieces.

I like wearing a kimono as a layering piece as outerwear.  Here, though, it was the top itself.  I felt like Mrs Roper from Three’s Company🤣.  I wore it over this fine mesh, pearl detailed collar that I bought at a high end consignment shop where I live.  It’s called Mint, I’ve mentioned it before.  I bought it thinking it’d be so perfect under a black blazer.  It’s such pretty detailing underneath any open top.  Glamorous loungewear is so 60’s.  It is indeed nice to have something comfortable and chic to wear while entertaining.  I wouldn’t waste this on myself alone, but I have to be in loose clothing when I have guests, or I get sweaty and irritated.  One of my fave winter looks was this kimono over black leather pants and a black turtleneck, with beat up motorcycle boots.  For summer I’ll use it as a jacket on a cool night.  Huge kimono sleeves make me feel like a samurai 🥋.  Now I’ll just have to get a Honzu sword, like Uma in Kill Bill.  Not that I’d have a clue what to do with it😏.