Jump(suit) for Joy


One of the numerous things bravo King, Andy Cohen, and I have in common is that we love a fly jumpsuit. Also side ponytails, Ramona, and boy bands, to name just a few. I've met Andy a couple times, once at a Knicks game and then when I uncomfortably accosted him in the hallway outside a taping of Watch What Happens Live. I was wearing my fleece Mazal bathrobe. My friend LMT and I also brought him a vintage snoopy lunchbox, a custom Bravo Scrabble board we'd spent weeks making, and cupcakes with his face. Stalker much🕵🏻?? I also once called into the show singing a song, as I asked Gigi a stupid question about that season of Shahs of Sunset. 


As for this jumpsuit, it's Maje. I loved it's vintage, 70's feel. I've said this before, but it made me feel like Bianca Jagger seamlessly getting out of a limo, "ignoring" the paparazzi. The white shoes and necklace gave a great, fresh pop to an otherwise deeper color palette. As the weather was turning colder, the white was a less obvious choice. Hence why I dug it. The ultimate accessory was this navy Maison Michel hat from the ever fab boutique Five Story. This hat is a special piece. I'm not going to spew some bullshit about how "I just threw it on". When I do talk like that it's honest, but this wasn't one of those times. There are very few components to this outfit, each cleanly selected to support the jumpsuit statement. The jumpsuit is the only piece with pattern so it shines. The only downside to wearing this is that it makes going to the bathroom a giant pain in the ass🚽. Butt, chalk it up to the things we do for glamour. Am I right, Ladies?  Jumping for joy if I made you laugh😅. I love all your pieces, not just one. 😍,LB

PS: in case you're wondering, the white ankle booties are Maison Martin Margiela. Add to my list of items I'd like to be buried in.