Cut It Out


It's so nice when an outfit or item works for more than one season. Leather all year made a big comeback a couple years ago. While I wouldn't wear this in the summer, I'd certainly put it on in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. It's a great transitional look since despite the head to toe leather, it's sleeveless and has cut out work all over the bottom half. This two piece ensemble can certainly be broken up. I'd love to find a pair of high waisted white pants for the top. The skirt would look pretty with a cream camisole under a cropped denim jacket, or even a whimsical tee shirt. I've grown to really love navy. It's slimming, classy, and sophisticated. This outfit exposes my arms, but the cut overall remains demure. This is a nice change from dressing in sexy body con looks. I'm comfortable in both masculine and feminine styles of dress, and my choices are mood dependent. I reach for this outfit when I'm feeling a lil girlier. It's perfect for dressy events. I've worn it with navy heels before, but these iridescent pumps add a bit of pizazz. The cut out detailing lightens up the heaviness of the leather, thereby making it suitable for warmer weather too.

I bought this at a store called Miri, which specializes in more modest designs for religious women. I love highlighting designers that cater to the sensitivity and needs of all kinds of groups. Just as when I wrote about Muslim designer Vivi Zubedi during NYFW, I'm so pleased to write about a Jewish designer who dresses her community for their level of comfort. Very observant Jewish women wouldn't wear sleeveless, and I appreciate that Miri has all kinds of styles. Just as more religious women should be accommodated, so should gals like me, who don't find the exposure of my arms to be problematic. There is enough fashion, creativity, and beauty to make all of us feel good. We are all entitled to as many lovely options as possible 💙💙💙.

Personally, I've never been hung up on externals. I define spirituality as coming purely from the inside. I think it's a mistake to focus so much on clothing determining our connection to God. It can distract from working on things internally. Again, just my opinion. I am sure I've written about this, but in high school I wasn't allowed to take a final because I didn't wear socks on a 95 degree day, thereby exposing my ankles under my floor length skirt. THAT IS INSANE. I my dress...  Have whatever kind of day you want. It's your choice. Anyone who told you otherwise is lying. You are more than ankle bones. Love, LB