Fresh Gauze


This gets the prize for my favorite summer dress ever. Flowy, gauzy, soft, sexy, and easy; all words that ideally describe that summer livin’ mood. Until I hit my style sweet spot, I’d look at those chicks who always seemed to nail it and feel a bit envious. How they managed to lock down the perfect look with such natural ease. One dress, a couple of key placed accessories and done. That seemed to evade me at a time where I wasn’t as in tune with my body, my fashion, and mostly myself. Which is all proof that the more centered we are in our essence, all the offshoots that stem from our core will emerge as they should. Overthinking clothing most likely indicates unnecessary overthinking in more important areas too. Basically, to look natural and flowy, one must feel that way inside first. Or the dress just won’t read as it should. But this is a fashion post, so back to that.

I rekindled my love with Urban Outfitters this summer. Reunited and it feels so good. This perfect dress made me feel beautiful each time I wore it; the absolute point to clothing (in addition to us not getting arrested for public indecency). Belted or not, layered with a lot of hippie gold jewelry, gold Birkenstocks, and I felt wonderful. This amazing hat was from Urban too. It was a great change from my usual summer fedora style. The yellow lensed sunglasses were so perfectly 70’s. This was my fave look for floating through the summer months, and it’s my new must take for all vacations going forward. Perfect for the beach, day, or night (no hat at night), this one piece wonder delivered each time. It gave me that desired fresh feeling all chicks aim for.