New York Fashion Geek

As I’m simmering, chopping, sautéing, roasting, and baking for the too fast approaching Jewish holidays, the New York fashionistas are busy doing the opposite. They’re dieting, cleansing, modeling, posting, waiting in line, starving, and glamming. I’m in my stained Minnie Mouse apron; no glam squad for me this year. While I do love and appreciate being a part of the glitz and glam that is New York Fashion Week, the scheduling of it this year simply made it impossible for me to attend. This month of September 2018 is the perfect storm of Jewish holidays, back to school for my four kids, and NYFW. Something had to give.

I’m bummed I couldn’t attend; it’s a beautiful, fun, creative, and bold atmosphere. I love selecting outfits that represent my various tastes, combining class and attention grabbing shtick. It’s fun to put stuff on my head that might ordinarily brand me a kook (not that I care, it’s just that during NYFW I’m amongst my peeps). I love networking with others in the industry, kibbutzing with the hardworking street photographers, and feeling the love on the catwalk after a designer has poured their soul into their newest collection. But I’m an actual mother, and an observant Jewish one at that. I wear many hats, not just ones with kitty cat ears (shout out to last year’s most popular NYFW look). Sometimes we must prioritize. There was simply no way, due to religious observance of the High Holidays, I could attend, even had I managed to help my children acclimate to the first week of school. I am not an overbearing helicopter mom by any means. It’s not my parenting philosophy, and I believe it does a massive disservice to the kids. However before all else in my life, I am a mother first, and this is just not the week to leave them to pose for photos at a fashion show. Life is choices, and that’s fine. But the planning of this year’s NYFW events sucks and feels unfair. Many Jewish mothers in the industry, as well as Judes (Jewish dudes) who observe the holidays, are very frustrated. I am not, because though I’m loathe to use this stupid phrase,”it is what it is”. There’s just no reason to make myself crazy over something I can’t control. It is indeed a shame though.

Aside from the fun and fabulousness, I look forward to growing my brand. This is an ideal time to spread the Lady Blaga love in my favorite city. I’m so proud of this brand being immersed in so many different avenues. Though a couple of people advised me to pick one lane at the start of this blogging adventure, my instinct was nah, Dawg. This is my time to share all that I must, and that includes my love of fashion. It’s also important for me to pay homage to all the talented, gracious, inspirational designers with whom I have a relationship with. I’d never want to appear as if I’m blowing off a show I was invited to. Here at Lady B we work very hard to show appreciation and respect to all the brands we work with. I have a strict reverence for deadlines, accepting invitations, and attending as much as I humanly can. Occasionally this causes me to prioritize blogging obligations at the expense of my family. And it’s hard. I’m one woman, and there’s one of me to go around.  At this point in time I’m trying to be so many things right now. It’s not going to always work. I wish I could be in two places at once, like we all do sometimes. But, alas...

What stinks about this is that I had no choice here, for the aforementioned reasons. The decision was unknowingly made for all the mothers and members of the J Tribe in our business. I know it was totally unintentional and not designed to be exclusionary. Of course I know that, but if the premise of this blog is to be a space for openness and honesty, well...

So To Whom It May Concern in the industry, I love you. I appreciate you. I’m inspired by you. But please be more sensitive and considerate next time this shebang is scheduled. I hate to let down my followers by not being able to report to them about the awesomeness that is NYFW. There are a few of us observant Jewish bloggers with largely observant audiences. This is how they connect to you, via our representation. So please afford us the chance to include them in your rad ness. We just want to love you, that’s all. I say this with the utmost in good intention.     

And to my readers, I promise next time your girl goes out there, I’ll deliver double time, lunacy on my head and bod promised. I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year, whether you’re rolling stuffed cabbage or rolling joints. Stuffing your face, or pissing out all your water with that crazy lemon juice cayenne pepper concoction. Cooking in nasty ass boxer shorts under a Disney apron or wearing your Gucci. It’s all good in the hood. Models, come say hi if you want leftovers.

All the love in the world, The Honey B