Shortbread #2 Chocolate


Give me chocolate or give me death‼️🍫. This chocolate chip shortbread is a nice take on a classic CCC🍪. It's way quicker since there's no rolling, flattening, and rotating cookie sheets. One pan, mucho yum. Easy to make, pretty quick to bake, even faster to take.


Substitute any of your favorite mix ins, just stick with the general amount so the dough can support whatever you add in. I have learned the hard way that if you over add, the dough will crap out. If that ever happens btw, don't freak. Simply crumble your crumbs on top of ice cream and pretend you did that on purpose to compose a sophisticated sundae🍨🍪. Add chocolate syrup and whatever berries are in the fridge. This would probably be an even bigger delight to your guests who are always eyeing the ice cream at the birthday party. These bars are sturdy, so they'll wrap and present well should you choose to share (no judgements if you don't).

For this JESScipe, click on the previous shortbread post and substitute the blueberries for chocolate. YUM!

C is for 🍪, LB