Mad Hatter


I love hats! This gem is my all time fave. I've had it for 17 years, and I've yet to come across anything like it. It's a rose 🌷colored, spray painted fedora. It involves dragons and a lotus print. At the time of purchase, I had no idea how much the image of the lotus would come to mean to me. The 🐉as well. Strength, growth, individuality, and uniqueness are all somehow represented in this hat.

I like to offset a strong black outfit with this topper. I like that in a basic black outfit you don't see something like this coming. This is not an accessory for a boring woman. I say that proudly. I love a hat tilted a drop forward and cocked jauntily to the side. I've always worn my hats like that. This one seems to do that on its own. It carries my entire look. Clothing is pretty much the support here. This hat deserves, and claims, her spotlight. All I have to do is plop her on my head (lol, think Harry Potter sorting hat).

Truthfully, these aren't my best photos, the lighting wasn't great in that room when we shot, but I don't care. This hat is too special to not have its moment. Buy yourself a standout accessory that is strong and beautiful. If hats aren't for you, make it a wild scarf. Even awesome, visible socks with rolled up jeans can make an outfit. A spray painted purse or backpack. A badass belt buckle. Wacky shoes. Your manicure.  Have fun with your details. Just be proud to own it. There is some part of you that breathes fire🐉, even if you haven't found it yet.
       🐲🌷, Me