Take That, Mariah ! ❄️☃


This title is a nod to those ridiculous paparazzi pics taken of Mariah Carrey, every year in Aspen. There's snow everywhere, temperatures are frigid,everyone is in ski gear, and God bless Mariah; she's in fur stilettos and a child size coat unzipped to show massive cleave. It's "apres ski" before, during, and after ("apres"=after). Who knows if she's actually ever skiing, but no matter. She gets her photo op🙌🏻 ⛷.


This look is very chi chi winter glam, perfect for the  "I'll just wait here with cocoa while you dangle from a chair lift and risk plummeting to your death" look. The rickety bench in the sky held together by dental floss has one less tush to support. I actually skied quite a bit as a kid, and liked it. I began to develop a fear of heights as a teen, which is such a shame. I'm working on that, but I do recall at one point thinking it was silly to go up and down a hill all day. I'd rather read.

What I love about this yummy, winter chic look is that it's pulled together but truly effortless, which is what loungewear should be. You can't lounge believably and look like a loser who is trying too hard. It defeats the purpose of trying to sell the "oh, I just threw this on" vibe. This outfit is a statement in its wide scale, yet tailored waist and cropped top. The grey with just a touch of sparkly emerald green is understated with just the right dose of detail. This is a delicious winter brunch outfit. The white faux fur headband from Century 21 is the only needed snow bunny accessory🐰❄️.  It's a bit of 80's Dynasty mixed with modern cool. Joan Collins wouldn't have been caught dead in a sweatsuit, but perhaps the furriness would win me some Baby Boomer points. I draw the line at shoulder pads (for now). I always like a natural looking face, even when my makeup is professionally done. Again, when pulling off the lounge around feel, I really recommend the freshest face possible. Cheeks and lips that were just stung by the cold in a pretty way. Cozy up with someone you love today😊☕️. Save the Gucci stilts on ice for the divas. How lucky are we to be safe and warm inside?

❤️, 🐝🐝Neuwirth