Rogue Got Soul

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We all have dreams, whether we are aware of them or not. First off, if you haven't yet realized yours, start searching within yourself to drag them up from the depths of your subconscious. It's ok, you're not only entitled but OBLIGATED to go all Scotland Yard on yourself. Dissect your essence  and uncover the facts about your truth, so that you can begin to honor it. You have to coax open the mouth before giving it food.

It took me years to admit that one of my dreams was to be a DJ, and even more time to do something about it. I don't beat myself up about this; everything comes at the right time. But this post ain't about me. It's about a friend I've met through this journey that is the living embodiment of my dream. Blaga peeps, meet Rogue. She is the fiercest, cutest, hottest channel for music and emotion on the NYC DJ scene. Oh yeah, and she just beat cancer. That too. I met her through Instagram, thereby reaffirming that social media can lead to wonderful things. My instructor at Scratch Academy, @djesquirenyc has known her and worked with her. Seeing some posts on his account led me to click on to hers, @roguegotsoul. I'm fascinated by cool female DJs, since I clearly want to be one. I loved this chick on site. She emanated such passion, emotion, fun, and confidence just from her IG pics. Her parties, with her at the epicenter, looked like a fucking blast.

I love hanging with the guys, and she was this badass lady presence in the Land of Testosterone. The male NYC DJ scene cannot be that simple to penetrate. These dudes are selective! Rogue was accepted. I need her secrets. There was something about her that drew me in. I was looking at what I wanted to be. Rogue is freaking adorable. She is petite, with a beautiful face and big green eyes. I love all her tattoos. She wears her artistic expression permanently. She used to, and will once again, have long, thick black hair, that cancer borrowed from her temporarily (thanks, Cancer!). As all IG romances begin, I clicked onto follow her. I started reading about her gigs, as well as about her brutally honest battle with cancer. She's a wonderfully open writer, which isn't surprising since she's able to channel her emotions through other artistic means of expression. I reached out via DM, and we started a communication for which I'm deeply grateful. She was so responsive and encouraging of my own path. We seemed to open up to each other immediately. I'm so often the one to throw out warm, welcoming vibes, but with Rogue I felt I was receiving them as well. That's rare for me, and I appreciate it every time. Damn, did I like this chick.

I wanted to learn from her, hug her, and heal her before we even met. Over the summer I attended some of her parties in Brooklyn, which in my opinion, kicks Manhattan's ass as far as nightlife. Since we had been conversing via text before we met, it was super cool to meet in person. I walked into her gig, we looked at each other, and after two seconds there was that cool visual recognition. It was like,"heyyyyyy, I know you!" Awesome, sincere hugs ensued. How wonderful to share a physical embrace after you've already spiritually embraced someone. It don't matter which part comes first. A click is a click.

And then I got to see her in action. Emphasis on the word "action". She emotes, she dances, she smiles, she loves, all the while choosing the best music for her audience. At this point Rogue was deep into her battle with her illness. She had lost her hair and performed in a turban. I've never seen a more beautiful, more alive "sick" person. Her body may have been battling something, but her soul and spirit were intact. If I didn't know about the chemo I'd have just assumed she was a chick who dug the shaved head look. This was not a weak, ill woman. Like, at all. She was, and is, more alive in every way than most people I know. There is more life in her pinky than many folks have in their whole body. I sensed this before we met. A person's spirit, when it's clear and sure, is apparent at all times. We humans posses tremendous powers of perception. When we are open we are highly receptive to the pure energy of others.

I received Rogue at the right time, having just begun to open myself. Had I been in a closed,  bitter state I wouldn't have internalized her and her story to such an impactful degree. I'm so grateful to be her friend. She's quite younger than me, but I view her as one of my teachers. Age is meaningless when it comes to education. I really hope to make her proud one day. During her lowest, weakest points in her treatment, she played on. She didn't pretend to have everything under control, she just carried on. I'm sure there were days she was too zapped to work, but she stayed out there, Man. I once wrote to her, after reading a post about which she wasn't feeling so great but was on the way to a gig, that there will be someone in that crowd who needs her music. That her being there and giving people a home for their moods and emotions can change someone's life. Even save them. Music is a healer, we all know that.  And Creatives who feel and express, thereby giving others a safe place to feel and express, are our lifelines. There will always be someone in that crowd who feels like shit. Who is sad, lonely, confused, maybe even suicidal. And then they decide to drag themselves out for the night. And then they hear you play. And then it wakes them up somehow, and allows them to feel happy and free, even if it's for just a few minutes. And so they hang on, because when good music is playing life is a lot more tolerable. It's even enjoyable.

A great DJ is a messenger. Personally, that's who I want; not just the Shiny Happy People, but the ones who feel a little bit broken and need a home for the night. And that's all of us. I want all of us. What a fucking honor it is to soothe the soul of another. And Rogue Got Soul to spare. As of two days ago, she posted news of her remission. I was waiting for her victory, it was an inevitability. There was no doubt this lil Mama would prevail. She carries others because she carries herself with strength, grace, purity, and love. She shares all she has, and she has an abundance. Her wiring is iron clad. I have much to learn, and she has much to teach. The only place she's going is back to her lab πŸ“€πŸ“€. Oh, and her favorite show is Rick and Morty so there was an instabond with my kids. She also has cats . If she were Jewish I'd call them Katz✑🐱🐱. 

Rogue, I love you. Thank you for being You. Thank you for being well, for healing yourself and for healing others. You is a Soul Sista.

So much ❀️, Lady Blaga.

I mean Jess. I mean DJ FRONT.   

PS: do yourselves a massive solid and follow her. Go to her gigs. Just show up, she will take care of the rest.  Stay tuned for pictures from her New Year's gig!